Im A Celebs Cliff Parisi is scared of everything and so allergic he cant even own a cat


I’M A Celebrity newbie Cliff Parisi has admitted he is terrified of everything in the jungle.

The actor – who is best known for playing Minty in EastEnders up until 2010 – will enter the camp tomorrow night alongside Corrie star Andrew Whyment.

Cliff said he is scared of everything in the jungle and even allergic to cats

Speaking ahead of his entrance into the jungle, he was asked about his phobias, he said: “Everything. I am a Londoner. We dont have animals! I am even allergic to cats.”

He added: “I dont like any of that stuff. And when I go to the zoo, I am looking at the animals from behind glass.”

“I do think the trials will be scary but I will still give them a go. I will try my best to win the stars.”

Cliff also revealed how he had avoided doing any reality shows before getting the call for I’m A Celeb.

He played minty in EastEnders

He said: “I had always said no to anything with the word celebrity tagged to it. And I have avoided those shows like the plague!

“But everyone on last years series was so much fun and I loved watching it. I realised it would be great fun to do.

“And now I am going to do it, I am hoping it will be cathartic.”

Cliff added: “I am looking forward to doing it now but I know it is going to be tough.

“When you have a crucial time in your life, you always have a cup of tea. To go without tea, no telly and not much food will be tough. Its going to be hard being away from my creature comforts.”

The actor also said he’s going to struggle being unable to talk to his wife and children.

He said: “I have done tours before but that is different as you can speak on the phone and come back for a few days.

“But my wife is excited as she gets to go to Australia.”