I’m an EastEnders superfan and have ranked all the stars’ attitudes after meeting them


AN EASTENDERS superfan has given his hilarious verdict after meeting some of the biggest stars in real life – and he’s even ranked the experience out of 10.

Soap fanatic Peter, from the south east, has shared several TikTok clips featuring a number of EastEnders stars that he’s met over the years.

EastEnders superfan Peter has given his hilarious verdict after meeting some legendary soap stars
The TikTok star has even ranked the experiences out of 10

The self-confessed soap fan shared snaps from his encounters, which showed him alongside legendary stars like Lacey Turner and Letitia Dean.

Peter kicks off the compilation clip by telling fans that Letitia Dean, who plays Sharon Mitchell, was a “lovely lady”, but she ranked lower because her driver wasn’t as friendly.

He said: “Letitia Dean – Sharon Mitchell. I only met her once, lovely lady.

“This picture wasn’t taken outside EastEnders.

“I think she stopped but the person that drives her, I don’t know if it’s her husband or manager…right miserable, won’t let anybody talk to her.

“So eight out of 10 for Sharon but for the bloke that drives her two.”

The superfan then spilled the beans on his run in with Mitchell sisters Ronnie, played by Samantha Womack and Roxy, portrayed by Rita Simons.

“Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell always had time to talk – 10 out of 10 them two, lovely girls.”

Next in the firing line was Jessie Wallace, who’s rocked the leopard print and miniskirt as Kat Slater for 21 years.

Peter held no punches when recalling the first time he met the actress.

He said: “This picture weren’t outside EastEnders because she never stopped.

“Jessie Wallace…miserable, moody. Two.”

Peter then turned his attention to soap favourite Lacey Turner, who plays feisty mum-of-three and Albert Square loudmouth Stacey Slater.

Security guard Peter heaped plenty of praise on the actress after he met the actress on set in the The Queen Vic.

“Lacey Turner 10 out of 10,” the chuffed fan remarked.

He then described a chance encounter with the soap star while she was out shopping.

“The first time I met her she went shopping and me and a few others followed, not stalking.

“She went in Marks and Spencer to do her shopping and we had the courtesy to wait outside until she finished in Borehamwood.

“She came out and was only too happy to sign and chat with us, just after she’d done the first series of Our Girl before it came out.”

Getting down to the nitty gritty in terms of ranking, Peter added: “Lovely girl, 10 out of 10. Always a pleasure to speak to Lacey.”

Leaving him stumped for words, the Albert Square enthusiast then opened up about the time he bumped into Linda Henry.

Linda – who’s played Shirley Carter since 2006 – beamed for a snap with the megafan.

However, Peter claimed that this was the first time he’d seen the actress flash a smile outside of the studio.

“Linda Henry, only smiled once, this is the only picture I have taken with her,” he said.

“Never stops outside a studio, always has her head down, never happy.

“Five out of 10 – sorry Linda but that’s how I see it.”

Finally, Peter rounded off his countdown with long-term Walford star Diane Parish, who portrays Denise Fox.

“This is the only photo I have taken with her, Diane Parish,” he added.

“Never stops…never smiles. Sorry.”

The BBC One soap buff hasn’t stopped there, he’s met numerous other EastEnders stars like Danny Dyer, Maisie Smith and Scott Maslen.

Peter has flooded his social media with these incredible moments.

He told fans that Danny Dyer – who plays Mick Carter – is his ultimate favourite soap star.

“My favourite Danny Dyer, always a pleasure, always happy to see me,” he revealed.

“Always stops to see me since I bought him and his wife a crystal engraved wedding clock as a wedding present.”

He ranked Shona McGarty a 10 out of 10 and Maisie Smith also got top scores.

In one of his latest clips, he praised Zack Morris, Jacqueline Jossa, Max Bowden, Lorraine Stanley and Tilly Keeper were given full ratings.

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