Inside Hollyoaks Steph Daviss incredible all-white home after she gives it a Christmas makeover


STEPH Davis has now given her home a magical makeover for Christmas.

The Hollyoaks star, 26 regularly posts pictures of her perfect home on Instagram and has transformed her home into a miraculous dream just in time for Santa’s visit to her two-year-old son Caben.

Stephanie Davis has given her home a Christmas makeover

Her gorgeous pad has an all white theme carried through out and her festive decorations certainly don’t disappoint.

The front room is decorated head-to-toe in some of the most magical ornaments including a light-up reindeer, all-white Santa and ivy roses scattered in front of her flat screen TV.

Her lavish Christmas tree completes the living space which is covered in a range of decorations including roses, ribbons, fake snow and blue fairy lights.

With Christmas day fast approaching,Stephanie and Caben can cosy up together during the cold winter nights on her huge sofa and range of luxurious throws and cosy pillows.

Her living space looks picture perfect

Steph opted for a Santa with an all-white outfit instead of an iconic red one

Her tree is decorated with the most stunning roses, ribbons and fairylights

Caben and Steph can cosy up together to watch Christmas films

The actress takes pride in her picture perfect home and documents how clean it is on her Instagram page – and in particular her kitchen which boasts white cupboards and matching appliances.

Moving on to the second floor of her house, Steph has kept her bedroom and bathroom simple yet very stylish.

Her bedroom boasts a huge double bed with nude silk bedding and white furniture.

The pristine white bathroom is decorated with a pink bath mat which states: “make up and wake up” and matching pink candles.

Her kitchen is all-white and has matched her microwave, kettle and toaster to the interior

The singer regularly poses for snaps in her bedroom to show off her amazing physique

Stephanie’s luxurious bedding keeps her warm during the festive season

Stephanie has added a pop of colour to her white colour scheme

The mum-of-one, who plays Sinead O’Connor on the popular Channel 4 soap recently revealed that she tried to take her own life and had to take some time off from Hollyoaks.

Stephanie joined the soap in 2010 and after five years her contracted was terminated because she was “unfit” for work.

She rejoined the soap back in 2018 after turning her life around – but has since then had to take a break from the soap following a relapse with her mental health.

She said: “I’ve cried before posting this. I haven’t been ready to talk about this and I am still fragile so please respect how hard this is for me.

“I haven’t been back to work because the real truth is I relapsed and tried to kill myself.

“This was a suicide video I was leaving behind saying I’m sorry and cannot continue.

“I can still feel the pain in my chest when I watch this, it’s really hard to watch.”

In September Steph split with her co-star Owen Warner after nine months of dating which added huge amounts of sorrow to the difficult time she was going through.

Stephanie is now a single mum to her son Caben after a turbulent relationship with her ex Jeremy McConnell

Steph continued:“Because of a build up of events that happened I should have made a completely different decision with certain things and stood by everything I worked so hard for and my self worth.
“But I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason as it led me to my diagnosis.

“I was working on something which I went through in real life that brought up a lot of pain for me.

“I lost my trust and self worth, I hated myself and didn’t feel good enough anymore.

“It’s hard being a single mum. My uncle died and I was battling badly with my mental health without any help or medication and I finally broke.”

Steph is now on the mends after a difficult few months

The star knew that she was “breaking for a good while” but was truing her best to make sure she could support herself and her son.

She took to Instagram to thank her loved ones who have helped her recover – calling Caben her “absolute everything” and “rock and reason to life.”

“I’m back to, not the old Steph, but the funny Steph everyone knew and loved, but 1000 times better.
“I’m so proud of myself for getting through what I just have and to the beautiful good-hearted people who helped me,” she added.