Inside Vicky Entwistle’s Stunning Cottage with Exposed Beams and Cute Dog


Away from the Cobbles: Vicky's Hidden Gem

Vicky Entwistle, best known for her role as Janice Battersby on Coronation Street, has a home that is a far cry from the terraces of Weatherfield. The 55-year-old actress owns a stunning country cottage, as well as a two-bed abode that she rents out for £800-a-week.

A Kitchen Fit for a Chef

The main home features a well-sized kitchen with a marble island, a range cooker, and a large double door fridge. It's the perfect space for entertaining and cooking up a storm.

Exposed Beams and Cosy Vibes

Vicky's bedroom boasts exposed cobbles and beams, giving it a cosy and charming feel. It's the ideal spot for her furry friend to relax and unwind.

A Love for the Cottage

Vicky lives next door to her holiday rental and has expressed her love for the place. She even admitted that she prefers it to her main home because it helps her avoid arguments with her husband. The actress has shared snaps of the retreat on social media, inviting her followers to check it out on Sykes Cottages.

From the Cobbles to the Stage

After joining Coronation Street 25 years ago, Vicky left the show in 2011. She has since found success in pantomime and continues to captivate audiences with her performances.

Clashing on and off Screen

Vicky had a public clash with her on-screen daughter Jane Danson over criticism of a storyline. While Vicky expressed her disappointment in the writing, Jane defended the scripts and called out Vicky for her disrespectful comment.

A Touching Reunion

In 2020, Vicky broke down in tears when she was reunited with her former on-screen husband Bruce Jones on Loose Women. The emotional moment highlighted the lasting bond between the two actors.

A Journey Through Cancer

Vicky's husband, Andrew Chapman, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The couple faced a challenging time but eventually received good news when Vicky announced that Andrew was cancer-free.

A Slice of Tranquility

Vicky's stunning cottage offers a tranquil escape from the bustle of everyday life. It's no wonder she adores it and prefers the simplicity it offers. With its cosy and magical ambiance, it's the perfect getaway.

A Hollywood Ending

While Vicky may always be remembered for her iconic role on Coronation Street, her beautiful cottage is a testament to her life beyond the cobbles. It's a place where she can find solace and create lasting memories.

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