Is Jack Branning killed in EastEnders? Phil Mitchell is about to pull the trigger but hes got the wrong man


EASTENDERS Phil Mitchell went bonkers last night – even by his own violent standards – as he held Jack Branning at gunpoint and prepared to blow his brains out.

The mad mechanic is convinced that Jack is the father of Sharons baby and is yet to realise that his son-in-law Keanu Taylor is the real culprit.

Phil held Jack at gunpoint in EastEnders

Does Jack Branning get killed in EastEnders?

Jack was kidnapped by Phils henchmen last night and whisked off to the Arches for a brutal torturing in EastEnders.

After Phils son Ben found Sharons necklace in Jacks house, Phil was on the warpath.

Gagged and dropped in the mechanics pit, he was drenched in blood as he looked up at Phil.

Phil shouted down: How does it feel knowing how much I’m going to hurt you? I’m going to enjoy this.”

Phil then grabbed a canister of petrol and poured it all over him.

But just before he could set him on fire, Ben burst his way through the Arches metal door.

Keanu also arrived on the scene as Ben battled an out-of-control Phil.

But Keanu just stared in horror at Phil as he threatened to end Jack for betraying him.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger and its not yet known whether Phil will pull the trigger and murder Jack before realising that Keanu is the real father of Sharons baby.

Fans were left screaming at their TVs and took to Twitter to express their rage at Keanus failure to speak up.

One fan tweeted: “Keanus conscience better kick in before the next duff duff.”

Another added: “Omg, is Phil about to end Jack, will Keanu try and stop it?!”

A third said: “Keanu tell the truth. Or a man will die.”

Jack lay bleeding in the mechanic’s pit in EastEnders

Phil flew into a rage and told Jack he wouldn’t get away with betraying him in EastEnders

When does Phil Mitchell find out the truth in EastEnders?

Phil realised that Sharon was lying to him about the father of her baby after realising she had visited Lisa at the clinic.

Phil then get further proof when he and Ben did some digging and realised that Sharon had bought a villa under Mels name in Portugal.

Phil realised that Mel – who hated Sharon too much to buy her anything – must have known the truth and been blackmailing Sharon.

Phil is getting closer to the truth, but is currently being thrown off the scent by Jack.

EastEnders has released an explosive trailer ahead of its Christmas Day special that reveals the moment Phil FINALLY discovers Keanu is the father of her unborn baby.

The trailer makes clear that Phil discovers the truth in time to confront Sharon in explosive scenes slap bang in the middle of Christmas Day.

But whether Phil discovers that Keanu is the father before Christmas day – giving him time to plot his confrontation with Sharon – or on the day itself, remains to be seen.

Fans are terrified at the thought of what Phil will do to Keanu when he discovers the truth.

One fan tweeted: “If Phil could do that to Jack, imagine what he could do to Keanu when he finds out.”

Another added: “I hate Phil, scared for Keanu omg.”

A third tweeted: “Keanu will be fearing for his life when Phil knows its him thats the father after seeing jack like in such a mess beaten up.”

Keanu was too cowardly to reveal that he is the father of Sharon’s baby

What does Phil do to Sharon?

The Christmas Trailer shows the moment the Mitchell hardman attacks Sharon after confronting her about the truth.

He screams at his wife worth it, was he? before hurling a chair across the dinner table.

But knowing Phils hot temper, the Christmas turkey is the least of Sharons worries.