Is Phil Mitchell leaving EastEnders? The hardman hands himself into the police over Dennis’s death


EASTENDERS fans are gutted that Phil is going to hand himself into the police over Dennis’s death in upcoming scenes after finally making up with Sharon during last night’s episode.

Viewers are desperate for Phil and Sharon to get back together – but will he be going to prison and leaving Albert Square forever? Here’s everything you need to know about Phil’s fate on the BBC One soap…

Phil is going to hand himself into the police for Dennis’s death in EastEnders – just after making up with Sharon

Is Phil Mitchell leaving EastEnders?

In last night’s episode of EastEnders, Sharon lashed out at Phil with a knife for causing the boat crash which killed her son Dennis.

Later, Sharon and Phil made up as they took a stroll down memory lane and reminisced about their son. 

Phil told Sharon: “I didn’t know that he’d be on that boat Sharon. I was just angry. I didn’t think anyone would die.”

He tearfully added: “He was just a kid. He should have been safe. He should have been safe with me.”

Phil then told Ian that it was his fault for what happened and that he wasn’t going to run away from his crimes this time. 

Sharon was horrified when Phil popped up at Dennis’s funeral but they later made up

Official spoilers have indeed revealed that Phil is set to own up to the part he played in the sinking boat and hand himself into the police

The scenes, to air Monday April 6, will also see Ritchie Scott return to represent him legally.

The devastating news has left fans fearing that Phil’s time in the Square is up. 

One fan tweeted: “Is Steve McFadden leaving eastenders by Phil Mitchell going to jail for a long time?”

Another added: “Phil Mitchell turning himself in to the old Bill? How times have changed!…”

A third tweeted: “Omg so Phil is handing himself in to the police after making up with Sharon and mick and Linda are leaving the vic whatt!!!!! #eastenders.”

But EastEnders are yet to confirm any details of Steve McFadden’s exit from the soap and fans will have to tune in to find out his fate. 

Phil will get a lawyer after handing himself into the police in EastEnders

Are Sharon and Phil going to get back together in EastEnders?

EastEnders are keeping tight-lipped about Sharon and Phil’s future. 

But following Sharon and Phil’s emotional reunion last night, fans are desperate for the pair to get back together. 

And with Mick and Linda set to sell the pub in the coming weeks, viewers are convinced Sharon and Phil will buy the Queen Vic. 

One fan tweeted: “Sharon and Phil are gunna get back together and take over the vic. Mark my words #EastEnders.”

Another added: “Yes. The carter’s are staying in eastenders but will be leaving the vic. So, either Phil will buy it or the Panesars or maybe Ruby or Jack. Not many other candidates..”

A third tweeted: “After today I want Phil and Sharon to find their way back to each other. There’s so much love there…”

Karen is going to relocate outside of Walford with Sharon’s baby

Is baby Kayden going to turn out to be Phil’s in EastEnders?

Sharon has made the heartbreaking decision to hand baby Kayden over to Karen in EastEnders in the wake of Dennis’s death.

And spoilers have revealed that Karen will decide to take up Ian’s offer of a wad of cash for relocating outside of Walford with Keanu Taylor’s baby next week.

But alongside wishing for Phil and Sharon to get back together, fans are also hoping for a plot twist that will see Phil revealed as the biological father of baby Kayden after all. 

One fan tweeted: “And the baby is going to turn out to be Phil’s!”

Another fan added: “Something tells me that baby is Phil’s. I do think when Mel was blackmailing Sharon about the baby. she done something to the test.”

But such a twist seems unlikely given that viewers saw the paternity test stating that Phil was not the biological father of the child with their own eyes