Is Sharon going to kill Ian Beale in EastEnders? Letitia Dean has spoken out about her revenge plan


SHARON Watts was revealed as Ian Beale’s attacker in a dramatic Christmas twist after she married him in hospital as he recovered from the ordeal.

The Queen Vic landlady – who is played by Letitia Dean in the BBC One soap – told her husband she loved him in her latest manipulative move. But is still planning sweet revenge? Here’s the lowdown…

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Sharon told Ian she was falling in love with him as part of her revenge plan

What has Letitia Dean has revealed Sharon’s killer plan?

Speaking about Sharon’s declaration of love, Letitia revealed that her character is indeed playing the long game – and is still hellbent on getting revenge against Ian.

The actress revealed: “I think Sharon realises that if she doesn’t do something pretty drastic all her malicious hard work will be ruined.

“Ian’s shown Sharon how he feels, and she hasn’t really manipulated him emotionally throughout their marriage as they both entered it aware of the other’s feelings – or non-existent feelings in Sharon’s case.

“She’s not pleased about doing it but she knows that telling Ian she’s falling for him will absolutely have the desired affect – he won’t listen to his mum or anyone else and his world will revolve around Sharon. Perfect!”

With Kathy already onto Sharon, Letitia Dean revealed she was concerned about Ian’s mum seeing through her plans.

She added: “She’s been battling with Kathy anyway and this accelerates things for her – she’s breaking Ian down, ostracising him from his family – although some could say he did most of that himself – and driving a wedge between him and his mum.

“She’s become very good at playing the doting wife!”

“Kathy could be the one to make Sharon crack, I think,” Letitia continued.

“Sharon knows that Kathy realises something is not right but The Vic will freeze over before she admits defeat! She’s determined to carry on with her plan and she needs to be very close to Ian in order to do so.”

EastEnders’ festive special revealed that Sharon knows Ian killed Denny in the boat crash

Why does Sharon want to kill Ian?

It was revealed in the Christmas special that Sharon and Phil knew Ian was responsible for their son Denny’s death – and that they had organised Ian’s attack as revenge. 

Viewers will remember that Ian locked Denny below deck during last year’s explosive anniversary scenes aboard the party boat in order to teach him a lesson for bullying Bobby. 

But disaster struck when the boat crashed and filled up with water, drowning the youngster. 

Ahead of his death, however, Denny sent Sharon a voicemail making clear that Ian had locked him up – and proving he was responsible for his death. 

Fans were left baffled as to why Sharon hadn’t listened to Denny’s voicemail in the aftermath of the disaster. 

But during the 2020 Christmas special it was revealed that she had heard the voicemail after all – and that she’d been plotting Ian’s death. 

Letitia Dean has said that Sharon is ‘completely driven’ when it comes to killing Ian

Is Sharon going to kill Ian?

After Phil pulled out following the gruesome attack in the Queen Vic, viewers watched Sharon take matters into her own hands and serve Ian a poisonous Christmas pudding.

But EastEnders are yet to confirm what’s in store for Ian – and whether Sharon manages to finish him off – so viewers will have to tune in to see. 

Letitia Dean has confirmed that Sharon is consumed with hatred for Ian and will go to great lengths to get revenge. 

She revealed: “She is completely driven at this point – not thinking of anything else – she just wants Ian gone. 

Speaking about Sharon’s motives, she continued: “Well I always knew that after what happened on the boat with Denny, that secret was never going to be forgotten, especially as there are such strong feelings involved,” she said. 

“After months of lies and leaning on her best friend whilst grieving – the one person that was there for her turned out to be the reason behind Sharon’s pain. 

“As far as Sharon’s concerned, Ian very much deserved it. It’s something of a lucky coincidence in Sharon’s eyes that Ian’s managed to provoke half the Square into a murderous rage at the same time – that certainly took the heat off of her and Phil whilst they were plotting!”