Jac Jossas arrogant husband Dan behaves like a swaggering 18-year-old it wont last


HE’S flown 10,000 miles to Australia to confront his wife’s I’m a Celebrity co-star Myles Stephenson over his claims he cheated on her with reality star Gabby Allen.

But this isn’t the first time former TOWIE star Dan Osborne, 28, has faced claims of infidelity since he began dating EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa, 27, in 2013 – and Sun agony aunt Deidre Sanders fears that unless ‘arrogant’ Dan grows up the couple may not be together by the end of 2020.

Jacqueline is struggling in the jungle and the latest revelation caused a meltdown

“Jac Jossa’s arrogant husband Dan behaves like a swaggering 18-year-old rather than a father of three” Deidre says.

But how did they go from TV’s hottest couple to being plagued by cheating allegations?

A source close to the couple told HOAR Online: Jacqueline has always believed Dan but this will have shaken her to the core, he has a lot of explaining to do when theyre together again.

Here, agony aunt Deidre examines their turbulent marriage.

Young love and shock pregnancy

Dan and Jacqueline met at the TV Choice awards in 2013

Jacqueline was just 21 when she met Dan, at a 2013 TV awards ceremony but they kept their relationship under wraps until the summer of 2014, when they confirmed on social media they were an item.

Dan already had a son, Teddy, now five, from a previous relationship with ex Megan Tomlin.

In August, less than a year after they met, Jacqueline announced they were expecting their first child together.

Rocked by vile rant at ex

Dan with ex Megan Tomlin, who he threatened in a shocking rant

But the relationship hit its first hurdle during the pregnancy, when a tape emerged of Dan verbally abusing ex Megan.

In the shocking recordings, Dan told Megan: “It wont be funny when youre in hospital” and “I swear on this boys life I will end your f***ing life if you sh** another man.”

He also told her he “didnt mean to” get Jacqueline pregnant.

Dan was forced to issue an apology, saying: “I would like to say that I am truly sorry to anyone who was offended by what they heard.”

Surprise proposal in Greece

Jacqueline and Dan on their wedding day in 2017

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Daughter Ella was born in February 2015 and four months later, Dan proposed during a romantic holiday to Greece.

He announced the engagement on Instagram with the words: She said YES!!!! I am the luckiest man in the world to be marrying the woman of my dreams.

The couple tied the knot on June 24, 2017 , in Delamere Manor, Cheshire – formerly owned by Gary Barlow which boasts a six-acre lake and woodland beyond.

Celebrity guests included Dan’s best pal James Argent and EastEnders actors Jake Wood, Adam Woodyatt and Scott Maslen.

Ella was a flower girl while Dan’s son Teddy was a page boy.

Split over constant rows

Dan is seen moving his things out of their Essex home after split

Sadly the honeymoon period didn’t last long.

Ten months later, in May 2018, the couple split after a series of rows, while Jacqueline was eight months pregnant with their second child.

Dan told the Daily Star: “Every day spent unhappy is a wasted day, and we were both having a lot of unhappy days.

“I still obviously care for Jacqueline but if we cant make each other happy then we shouldnt stay together. Life is too short.

Accused of cheating after birth of Mia

Dan pictured on a yacht with Gabby in 2018 in Marbella

After talking their problems through, the couple decided to get back together after the birth of baby Mia, in June 2018.

But less than two months later, pictures of Dan getting “cosy” with Gabby on a yacht put another spanner in the works.

Gabby’s ex Marcel Sommerville accused them of cheating but Dan and Gabby both denied it.

“Cosy with another woman? I am speaking and laughing with a friend,” Dan insisted on social media.

With Gabby and Dan set to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house a month later, Jac was fuming.

Our source said:”Jacqueline kicked him out after the pictures of him and Gabby Allen were made public, it’s the closest she’s ever come to ending it.

“But Dan insisted nothing had happened.”

‘All over Alexandra’ on a night out

Dan was accused of kissing Love Island star Alexandra
Olivia Atwood, Alexandra, Dan and James Argent on the night out

After taking Dan back once again, Jacqueline was soon to face new rumours when he was accused of kissing Love Island star Alexandra Cane on a night out in Manchester, in March this year.

A source told HOAR Dan was “all over Alexandra”, and that “at one point he grabbed her and kissed her”.

Again, both Dan and Alexandra denied it, releasing a joint statement which read: “Absolutely nothing happened with Alex Dan has been friends for a while with her after working together.

“They all met up with friends and enjoyed a great night out like friends do.”

By the end of 2018, however, Dan claimed the marriage was back on track

“It’s no secret that we went through a bad patch, but we’re back together and things are really good,” he said.

More rumours rock new bond

Dan pictured clubbing with Steph Ledigo

In April in LA, and again in Manchester in August, Dan was spotted clubbing with blonde PR girl Steph Ledigo and was forced to deny cheating again.

Steph told HOAR the relationship was “purely professional.”

She added: There has definitely never been anything romantic between us. Hes like a brother. I just dont feel like that at all.

But she admitted that Dan had not mentioned his marriage to Jacqueline in the five years they had known each other.

Counselling to get back on track

Jacqueline had counselling to help save the marriage

The couple braved the storm but, earlier this year, Dan admitted his wife had counselling to help her deal with their issues – although he refused to take part.

“It’s different for everyone, so I’m not judging people who have been to therapy,” he said.

“But for me personally, I said I wouldn’t to that.

“We got there in the end. I said, ‘We don’t need that – we just need to be friends again. It was just a matter of rebuilding that.”

Jungle showdown could be the last straw

Dan is on his way to Australia and could be in for a showdown

While the couple’s marriage has survived the allegations so far, the latest hiccup could be the final straw for long-suffering Jacqueline.

Our source said: “Dan and Jacqueline’s entire relationship has been punctuated with rumours and claims about other women.

“Dan has never been able to kick his love of flirting, he’s naturally charming.

“She’s never stopped him doing what he wants and had believed he would always put her and the kids first.

As Dan jets off to Australia, Jacqueline will be battling new insecurities about her marriage along with the terrifying bushtucker trials and gnawing hunger of jungle life.

This time it may be Dan whose bitten off more than he can chew.