Jack Branning spirals out of control over his children in EastEnders

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JACK Branning is crumbling under pressure and tries desperately to keep himself together.

But with his children acting out, the police officer is pushed to the end of his tether in upcoming EastEnders scenes.

Jack Branning is at his wit’s end

His children are acting out

He lashes out in upcoming EastEnders scenes

The character portrayed by Scott Maslen has had his hands full with his daughter Amy, who went through her own mental health crisis.

Due to this, his son Ricky Junior argues with him in scenes airing on BBC One.

The lad accuses Jack of only being interested in Amy and her dramas.

To make matters worse, Jack is making his bride Denise Fox (Diane Parish) feel neglected.

The hair salon owner is determined to bring the spark back in their marriage but her plan quickly goes south.

When he finds himself in the doghouse with Denise, Jack comes up with a plan and offers to take her out for the day.

However, Amy is up to no good and she invites Denzel Danes to the empty house.

She’s furious when the latter shows up with Nugget Gulati who has swiped a bottle of vodka from Suki Panesar’s Minute Mart.

The children act out and when Ravi Gulati is confronted over his son’s theft, the boys are found drunk with Ricky Junior throwing up at No.27.

Ravi lays down the law and helps cleaning things up when Jack and Denise return.

A livid Jack lashes out at everyone, including Denise.

Times have been particularly hard for Jack.

While his daughter struggled with her mental health, his job was left on the line after he assaulted Denzel Danes.

Jack had been reported to his superior by his own daughter and was temporarily suspended.

He was eventually allowed back on the force but there was still more trouble ahead for him.

Two years after waving the Square goodbye, Dot Cotton passed away off-screen.

Her funeral was later organised in Walford, with Jack and the rest of his family on the forefront as they mourned for the iconic chain-smoking character.

But with tensions always arising, could Jack’s marriage be set for some painful times?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

Jack spirals out of control

He nearly lost his job