Jacqueline Jossa weight loss how did the Im A Celeb star lose weight?


JACQUELINE Jossa has stunned fans with her incredible weight loss since being crowned queen of the jungle on I’m A Celebrity.

The former EastEnders actress, 27, looked remarkably trim while holidaying in Dubai with husband Dan Osborne last week.

Jacqueline has showcased a significantly slimmer physique since her time in the jungle

And many fans, desperate to follow in Jacqueline’s footsteps, have been left asking exactly how Jacqueline shed the pounds.

Here, we take you through the main ways Jacqueline has managed to lose over one stone in just a couple of months – as well as ways you can also achieve the same quick and easy weight loss results.

The TV star has blitzed her body fat through a combination of cutting down on calories in the I’m A Celeb jungle and kickstarting a new fitness regime…

1. Cutting down on calories

Jacqueline was eating less than half of her usual daily calorie intake when she was in the jungle which ultimately sped up her weight loss.

The mum-of-two was on a very bland diet of rice and beans and wasn’t able to have the treats or takeaways she would usually have at home in the UK.

Jacqueline would have been eating less than half of her usual daily calorie intake when she was in the jungle

Experts say you can follow in Jacqueline’s footsteps if you also make sure you’re in a calorie deficit – meaning you are burning more than you are consuming.

Intermittent fasting is one way to cut back on calories, purely because you are skipping a meal out of your day or delaying when you eat.

If you can cut back on 500 calories every day to your standard diet, you will lose about one pound at the end of the week.

2. Milkshakes

Before going in the jungle, Jacqueline admitted she had turned to a milkshake diet to help her stay in shape.

The shakes Jacqueline used were from Herbalife and claim to “boost energy and metabolism for a quick and easy start to your weight loss journey,”

Speaking about her favourite shakes, she said: “Mine is strawberry and mint choc chip. I quite like having different flavours because then you don’t get bored of it.

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Hey! So Im on a journey to sort out my nutrition, my body and my mind. I have found something that works so well for me and my life style too. If you want to know more DM me and I shall explain in more detail, I shall be posting my daily routines, what I use and I am even braving the gym this week and getting my ass whipped by my beaut team member @ciarasherwood (Im scared) I shall be posting bits and bobs.. also coming soon is a 21 day challenge we can all do together and motivate each other. Its not about being stick thin, I wont ever be stick thin, its about feeling happy and sexy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!! I gave it a go and its working, hopefully it can help you too… plus it actually tastes good and you get too eat

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“And I quite like having mint choc chip later in the day because it feels like a treat.”

You can buy the shakes Jacqueline uses for just 24.95 on the Herbalife website.

Despite this, many nutritionists say these meal replacement shakes are unsafe as the lack of “real food” can trigger headaches, insomnia, fatigue, constipation and diarrhoea.

3. Gym sessions

Jacqueline converted her garage into a home gym following her time in the I’m A Celeb jungle to maximise her weight loss.

This means she can now workout at home alongside juggling being a mum.

Speaking about her recent renovation, she added: “I’d rather do it at home. I don’t love the gym.

“I’d rather just put the kids to bed or wake up in the morning and get stuff done at home.”

Jacqueline has shared before and after pictures of her new home gym

She added: “I can stop being such a lazy sloth and sort my life out a little bit.”

Some of the things Jacqueline previously revealed she does in the gym is a 30minute intervals treadmill session involving walking at an incline and sprints between levels 11 and 12, as well as arm weights and various core exercises.

She has received coaching from Northern Irish footballer Ciara Sherwood.

4. Tracking her weight loss

Jacqueline has used social media to track her weight loss journey and share her progress with her fans.

In particular, she previously set up an Instagram account called fitness_jja to share snaps of her transformation.

Experts say tracking progress is key in blitzing body fat and keeping people motivated on their weight loss journey.

Jacqueline has used social media to track her weight loss

You can use apps like MyFitnessPal to calculate your daily calorie intake and log what you eat throughout the day from a nutrition database of over six million different foods.

Taking photos of your progress can also help you see changes over just a few weeks.

5. Having a good relationship with her body

Jacqueline has been outspoken about maintaining a healthy mindset when it comes to her body.

In particular, earlier this month, the actress shared a post on Instagram pinching her “rolls” and showing off her natural body.

Wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse pyjamas, the star said: “Hi guys, just quickly wanna show you something, ok?

Jacqueline has celebrated her “rolls” on social media

“Look how small, well I’d say small, my waist looks. Yeah, quite deceiving. I look like I could be skinny, a skinny Minnie.

She pulls down a part of her trousers and says: “Then if you bring the trousers down to that awful length, you see, you know, she got love handles, she got something to grab.

“This is life and this is just the way it is and, you know, I thought about it in the bath, right, and was like, ‘I’ve literally got about eight rolls down there’.”

She continued: “Well, I’m lying there washing and thinking, ‘I don’t even hate it,’ genuinely, when I look in the mirror I don’t think it’s bad.”

A study recently revealed that positive thinking can play a significant role in weight loss efforts.

Positive thoughts are particularly motivating while a negative attitude can make losing weight difficult – if not impossible.