Jacqueline Jossa wins Im A Celebrity 2019 and declares love for cheating husband Dan Osborne


JACQUELINE Jossa won I’m A Celebrity 2019 last night,,beating fellow finalist Andy Whyment after a gruelling three weeks in the jungle.

The former EastEnders actress, 27, broke down in tears as she stormed to victory, before sharing a passionate kiss and cuddle with cheating husband Dan Osborne, 28.

Jacqueline Jossa won I’m A Celebrity 2019 beating Andy Whyment into second place

Dan Osborne gave his wife a hug and kiss on the I’m A Celebrity bridge

There were tears galore as Andy, 38, and Jacqueline told Ant and Dec how much the show meant to them after learning they were in the final two.

Jac grew emotional as she told how she no longer wanted to be seen as a “doormat”, with reports of cheating plaguing her husband Dan.

She said: “It was not what I expected.

“It was a lot harder. I didn’t think it would be such a turning point in life, I went in as one person, I feel like I have come out as a different person. I’ve grown in confidence and found who I am as a person.”

She added: “I think it’s so easy to care so much what other people think of you, trolls, people who say nasty things for the sake of it and I try to change their opinion.

Jac wore her floral crown and punched the air after winning I’m A Celebrity

The couple were ecstatic to see each other

Jacqueline said she had grown in confidence in the I’m A Celebrity jungle

“Here you have no choice, you have to be you. Here I have different people bigging me up of different ages, I can’t really work out what is happening.

“I’ve always been known as Lauren from EastEnders, or a doormat, or whatever you want to call it, and coming here I have actually proved myself.”

Roman Kemp, 26, finished third and called his experience “the best thing of my life” after greeting the hosts with a hug.

And he was stunned to learn he’d won more stars in challenges than any contestant in the last five years.

The final was a love-in between Jacqueline, Roman and Andy as they reminisced on their time and each took on one last Bushtucker Trial.

Ticker tape filled the air as Jac ran across the bridge

Jacqueline was delighted people got to see the real her

Andy was a gracious runner up

It was a love-in between finalists Jacqueline, Roman and Andy as they reminisced on their time together

The trio were stunned to make it to the bitter end, with Jacqueline declaring: Im the last girl standing. I cant believe it. Oh my goodness this is ridiculous, Jungle Jac is in the final.

Roman said: My legs feel like jelly I cant believe that I can say Im in the final. I would never have thought Id get this far.

While a tearful Andy told the Bush Telegraph: I cant believe it and Im getting emotional Im so chuffed. Its just nice to know that people are voting for me, the person I am, it means a lot.

They might have made it all the way, but they each had to face their fears one final time to win the traditional end of series feast.

Roman finished third in the I’m A Celebrity final

Jac was first up with the Stake Out in a bid to win the trio delicious starters.

She had to lay down and remain in a giant star on the floor with her arms and legs tied down for 10 minutes as critters were poured over her.

Despite fears, cockroaches were going to crawl in her “nunny”, she smashed it, winning starters for camp, a drink and a special treat.

Next up was Andy with the Bushtucker Bonanza eating challenge.

The actor did his best not to throw up as he munched a stomach-churning selection including a whole scorpion and a pig’s testicle.

While he compared a crocodile anus to a Chinese pancake, making Ant and Dec chuckle.

Andy won all five stars to secure three main courses, Bacardi and diet coke and chocolate biscuits.

Finally Roman was tasked with the Panic Pit – an underground chamber in which he had to remain strapped on his back for 10 minutes.

For every two minutes he endured Roman won a star, but like Jac he was joined by loads of snakes.

Roman was tasked with the Panic Pit

Andy did his best not to throw up as he munched a stomach-churning selection of grub

The actor munched a pig’s testicle and crocodile anus

Jac was covered in jungle nasties in the Stake Out

Roman was surrounded by snakes in an underground chamber

He bravely completed the 10 minutes to win a full set of desserts for camp, a drink and special treat.

That was absolutely terrifying, he told the hosts after the challenge.

Ahead of tonight’s final bookmakers revealed that betting figures plummeted to an all time low after 2018’s record haul.

Punters dropped a huge 11m in bets last year, according to reports bookmakers.tv, whereas only 3m was placed on Bushtucker Trials and the Queen or King of the jungle this time around.

Bookies favourite Andy attracted bets of 500,000 to win the show, but that paled in comparison to the 6million put on last year’s King Harry Redknapp.

The final three had a well-deserved feast after winning their challenges

A bookmakers.tv spokesman said: Throughout the show, the public has simply failed to connect with this years participants, which has resulted that bookies have taken the least ever money on the hit show since its very beginning.

Meanwhile last night Garraway narrowly missed out on a spot in the final.

However, the 52-year-old took the result in her stride telling Ant and Dec that Roman, Andy and Jacqueline deserved to be in the series showpiece.

Kate Garraway was eliminated from I’m A Celebrity last night narrowly missing out on a spot in the final