Jacqueline Jossas mum begs viewers to stop putting her up for Bushtucker Trials but says jungle is the making of her


JACQUELINE Jossa’s mum has urged viewers to stop putting her up for Bushtucker Trials – but believes the whole experience will be “the making of her”.

The former EastEnders actress, 27, has broken down several times after being picked for trials by the public.

Jacqueline Jossa has not been taking the Bushtucker Trials very well – despite smashing them

Despite her fears, Jacqueline has managed to incredibly well in the trials, even managing to secure 12 stars with Ian Wright in Sunday’s task.

However, her family believe it’s time for the general public to vote for someone else.

“It is a lot for her. I think she has proven herself so they could vote for someone else,” mum Selina told The Mirror.

“There are trials where they all take part and she is doing them as well as the other ones. She needs a little break.

“The trouble is if you don’t get any stars they vote you to do them to annoy the campmates and if you do well then the viewers enjoy seeing you do them.”

Jacqueline with her mum

She also said that it might be her fault Jacqueline is being asked to do all the trials – as she asked their huge family in Ireland to vote for her.

Despite the tears, she believes the show will be “the making of her” if she makes it to the final – as it will be such a boost to he confidence.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline’s husband Dan Osborne took to Instagram to beg viewers to stop voting for her.

After the mum-of-two broke when she was told she would be taking part in the Crevice of Cruelty task, the actress wailed: “I don’t want to do any more man.”

Speaking to his followers on Instagram, Dan, 28, pleaded: “Give her a break please because she’s getting upset now.”

Her husband has also urged people to stop voting for her

He said: “I know I said you all vote for Jac cos she’s ain’t in there to change lightbulbs – but I didn’t mean every single trial.

“Give her a break now, come on. But she keeps smashing them all. She’s worried about it but she’ll smash it. She’ll keep proving everyone.

“Let her do this one then give her a break please because she’s getting upset now and it ain’t nice. But she’ll get all the stars, smash it and then go back and have a nice dinner.”