Jade Goody’s son Bobby Brazier left ‘shaking’ by emotional EastEnders Freddie Slater scene as co-stars rushing to help


NEWCOMER Bobby Brazier revealed how supportive the cast were while filming emotional scenes.

Actor Bobby will gracing our TV screens this autumn as Little Mo’s son Freddie Slater on the BBC soap.

Freddie is looking for answers

Who Billy tell Freddie the truth about who his biological dad is?

Freddie will be brining chaos and mayhem onto Albert Square as he turns up looking for his dad Billy.

However, viewers will remember Billy isn’t Freddie’s real dad.

It is in fact Mo’s rapist and ex-friend Graham Foster. 

How will Freddie react when he learns the truth?

The actor teased dramatic scenes once Freddie finds out who his real dad is.

He said: “That was a huge moment for me. Probably my biggest personal moment so far.

“I had an emotional scene where I was coming into the café shouting ‘everyone stop lying to me’.”

“There was grief there was angry. There was a lot of emotions and Freddie was very overwhelmed with emotion.

“It was overwhelming emotions to play I was shaking. I felt that I was acting and I went off after this scene finished I went round the corner so other actors could finish the scene.

“As soon as they were done Emma (who plays Honey) and Perry (who plays Billy) literally got up and came round the corner to give you a big kiss and a cuddle.

“It meant so much I really appreciate that. I love stuff like that so that’s a big moment for me and they made sure I knew that I did well.”

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One.

The actor revealed how supportive the cast is

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