Jessie Wallace falls out of her dress leaving a London restaurant after EastEnders suspension for ‘boozing on set’


JESSIE Wallace left little to the imagination as she flashed her bra while leaving a London restaurant last night.

The soap star recently returned to work after she Jessie was suspended from EastEnders after allegedly boozing on set in January.

Jessie Wallace suffered a wardrobe malfunction as she left a restaurant in London last night

She was written out of upcoming plots before lockdown halted filming.

But Jessie looked like she was in high spirits last night as she left Scott’s in Mayfair after a swanky meal out.

Wearing a colourful wrap dress and towering heels, Jessie struggled to control her flowing dress as she got a taxi home

Earlier this year bosses held a crisis meeting and decided she would be axed from the show for two months to “sort herself out”.

She flashed her legs in the colourful wrap dress

Her suspension came weeks after HOAR exclusively revealed Jessie had split with greengrocer boyfriend Paul Keepin after two years.

Jessie has been one of the biggest stars in soapland for years, joining the drama for her first stint as Alfie Moon’s girlfriend between 2000 and 2005.

Jessie was in high spirits after a fancy meal out

She recently returned to work at EastEnders

But her party lifestyle has landed her in trouble. In the mid-2000s she was exposed for using the drug ketamine.

She was suspended from the show for bad behaviour and threatened with the axe.

The mum of one was also convicted of drink-driving in 2003 and attended counselling sessions.

Last month EastEnders fans were thrilled to see Jessie finally return to their screens as Kat Slater, seven months after being suspended from set.

Fans were thrilled to see Kat back in the Square

She made a triumphant return to the BBC soap following its lockdown break, with her character Kat immediately tearing into Martin Fowler and Ruby Allen together.

The feisty market seller was furious at seeing Martin, who is married to her cousin Stacey Fowler, packing on a PDA with fellow Albert Square resident Ruby Allen.

Stacey was forced to flee Walford after she attacked Phil Mitchell.

Kat shouted at Martin and Ruby

Ruby tried to give Kat some mouth back but she was no match for the Slater star

Seeing Ruby and Martin walking hand in hand, Kat shouted: “Oi! You’ll put the punters off their paninis.”

To which an equally mouthy Ruby replied, “It’s called romance!”.

Fans of the soap were delighted to see her back on their screens, with many flocking to Twitter to share their delight.

One viewer wrote: “@bbceastenders yesssss bringing back Kat, I can’t wait for the return of Kim and Stacey”.

Kat was defending her cousin Stacey

Stacey is married to Martin and Ruby is her supposed to be her best friend

“I’m so glad @bbceastenders is back! I’ve missed it so much! Also, it’s great to see @JessieWallaceUK back! The show wouldn’t be the same without the iconic Kat Slater!” wrtote a second.

“Why is Ruby shocked? She’s dating her best friend’s husband ffs. If it wasn’t for social distancing Kat would’ve dragged her by her hair through the whole square,” reasoned another.

And a fourth added: “The one liners from Kat during that argument, I love it! Classic Kat.”

Jessie appeared on the BBC spin off show ahead of her return

Jessie was suspended from the soap in January

The BBC soap was forced to take a three-month break due to the coronavirus pandemic, but filming resumed in June.

Although EastEnders made its big return to screens in September the first episode scored an audience of just 3.35m.

Despite a big push, the BBC soap couldn’t manage to match its ITV rivals with Emmerdale attracting 4.51m viewers and Coronation Street being watched by 5.31m.

The figures don’t include catch-up services and all soaps enjoy a large bump in time shift figures.

The new episodes have been filmed with cast and crew adhering to social distancing guidelines, with the use of screens, body doubles and CGI to film intimate moments.