Linda Carter struggles after Mick bombshell in EastEnders

EastEnders,22-12-2022,6613,Linda Carter (KELLIE BRIGHT);Mick Carter (DANNY DYER),***EMBARGOED TILL THURSDAY 8TH DECEMBER 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

WEEKS have gone by since Christmas and Linda Carter still struggles to cope after Mick’s disappearance.

Next week in EastEnders, she gets ready for another special day without him.

Linda Carter is struggling to cope without Mick

To make matters worse, Shirley even left the Square behind

She gets ready for a lonely Valentine’s Day

Life without the presence of her long-lasting love has been painful for Linda Carter to handle.

To make matters worse, the Vic landlady portrayed by Kellie Bright could do nothing as the last member of her large family decided to leave Albert Square altogether.

BBC One viewers will remember that Shirley Carter could no longer stand to be haunted by the ghosts of her son Mick and her sister Tina.

This prompted her to leave Walford with bulldog Lady Di in tow before the New Year began.

Linda has since been left all alone to grieve alongside her young children.

She was recently told that Mick’s wallet had been found on the shore but there had been no sign of life from the landlord since he vanished.

To her, this meant there was no way Mick had survived at sea.

And she’s about to get a strong reminder of just how lonely she feels without him.

In scenes due to air next week, many residents are slowly gearing up to celebrate love as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

But Linda, on the other hand, is preparing to face the big day all on her own since Mick’s disappearance.

How will she cope?

While that remains to be seen and some may even speculate she could drown her sorrows, actress Kellie Bright teased a brand new chapter for her alter ego.

Many fans also believe she could find love again in the form of Alfie Moon who took care of The Vic in her absence to try and help her.

The pair got closer during Halloween celebrations which Linda wasn’t prepared to plan without Mick who, at the time, was getting ready to tie the knot with Janine Butcher.

Alfie soon flew to her rescue and made sure she enjoyed herself – could he do the same for her during Valentine’s Day?

And with Linda Henry likely reprising the role of Shirley Carter in the future, Linda Carter’s future certainly looks brighter.

But how will it play out?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

Linda recently found out there’s a chance Mick could be dead

How will she cope?
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