Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan reveals the shocking reason she cheated on EastEnders husband Shane Richie


COLEEN Nolan has opened up on why she cheated on her famous hubby Shane Richie.

The Loose Woman presenter, 56, was married to the Eastenders star for seven years until 1997, but things went pear shaped when he admitted to being unfaithful.

Colenn Nolan has revealed why she cheated on Shane Richie

But Coleen also later admitted she too cheated during the marriage and revealed the shocking reason.

“Shane was starring in Grease in the West End and it was all taking off for him,” she told New.

“Jake was a baby, Shane Jr was three, and I just felt, very, very alone. Not sexy, not attractive.

“And then I did a summer season with my sisters in Weymouth and met a gorgeous guy who thought I was everything.

“And I fell for it.”

Coleen’s admission comes as the singer has started seriously contemplating getting married for a third time.

She has kept details of her new relationship private, choosing not to reveal her man’s identity after meeting him on Tinder.

But we can reveal that, behind the scenes, things between Coleen and the mystery man are getting very serious – and friends are convinced they will be walking down the aisle in the not-so-distant future.

A source told HOAR: “Coleen is head over heels for him. They are inseparable and have got very serious, very fast.

“She didn’t want to be in this position again after everything she’s been through in the past, and actually broke up with him a few times because of that.

“But Coleen has finally surrendered and it’s full steam ahead now. Those closest to her think she will definitely marry this one.”

Coleen’s first marriage was to Shane. They tied the knot in 1990 but split in 1997 after he admitted to being unfaithful. They share sons Shane Nolan, 30, and Jake Roche, 29.

In 2018, Coleen split from second husband Ray Fensome. Together they have daughter Ciara, 20.

Back in May, Coleen revealed she’d been dumped by the toyboy lover she’d been chatting to during lockdown. She told OK! Magazine: “I really started to fall for him and I couldn’t wait to see him.

“But then as lockdown started lifting, he was meant to pick me up, but the day before he went weird on the texting front.

“I asked why he wasn’t replying and he told me he really liked me, but couldn’t handle who I was. I was so hurt and angry.”

But it seems Coleen has forgotten all about him now, and recently confessed her new man makes her feel “sexier than ever” and that they’re having sex “anywhere in the house at any time of day”.

She said: “I have met someone wonderful and I am really happy – he makes me feel like I am 20 again.

“It has only been three-and-a-half months so it’s really early but we are dating and the kids have all met him and love him.”

The Eastenders actor and Loose Women presenter were married for seven years in the 1990s

Coleen said she strayed because she was lonely and felt unattractive