Loose Womens Coleen Nolan under fire for creepy sex jokes about Hollyoaks Danny Mac in awkward interview


LOOSE Women star Coleen Nolan came under fire from viewers today after making a string of creepy sex jokes about former Hollyoaks star Danny Mac.

The 54-year-old host was branded a “dirty old women” by viewers, with one gasping: “If a man went in like that with a female guest then hes be labelled a sex pest.”

Hollyoaks star Danny Mac was the guest on today’s Loose Women

Coleen joked that she was prepared for the 31-year-old star‘s arrival by holding a clump of mistletoe over her head so he could kiss her.

When Brenda Edwards went to smooch her, she replied: “I think I’ll save it for when Danny comes on.”

And when he came on to talk about his performance and said: “I throw everything at anything” she reacted bizarrely.

Coleen told him: “Really? Anything, hmm?” Then, fanning herself with a cue card, he added: “Please carry on ladies. I’m having a hot flush.”

Coleen had some mistletoe ready for Danny Mac on today’s show
Danny was on the show to talk about his West End career
She was branded a ‘dirty old woman’ by one viewer

One tweeted: “If a male presenter gushed over a female guest the same way that the #LooseWomen do over a male guest, there would be a massive social media uproar!”

Another wrote: “Can you imagine the outrage if there was a bloke on tv perving the way Coleen does?”

A third agreed: “If a man went in like that with a female guest then hes be labelled a sex pest.”

Referring to a previous conversation about whether the Mr Men books were historically sexist, one added: “Moan about the Mr men books and then sexualise the next male guest.”


However, Danny seemed to take the comments in his stride and smiled when Denise Welch said: “Do you try to shake off the sex symbol image – which we have totally played into as well on this show, I have to say?”

He politely replied: “It’s a flattering thing to get labelled with and it certainly worked in my favour.”

Coleen admitted in a magazine yesterday that she hadn’t had sex in years – but is constantly bombarded with rude pictures from younger men.

She told OK!: “I do keep getting sent d**k pics on Instagram from younger men though – it’s horrendous.

“I think maybe they think I’m a sad lonely woman and I’m going to love it.”