Lorraine viewers shocked as Emmerdale boss ‘swears’ live on TV as he talks about Danny Miller’s shaved head


LORRAINE viewers were stunned this morning as Emmerdale boss John Whiston swore in a live interview.

The soap chief made the blunder while discussing cast members’ extreme lockdown hairstyles.

Lorraine viewers were stunned this morning as Emmerdale boss John Whiston swore in a live interview

A number of show’s stars had either shaved or dyed their hair and it’s caused problems for production teams.

After a clip of Danny Miller on set with his newly-shaved head was played, John said: “We’ve had to put in a lot of lines taking the p**s out of his hair.”

Lorraine seemingly failed to hear as she replied “exactly” and gave no apology.

Many viewers did pick up on it, however.

One wrote on Twitter: “anyone else just heard chap talking about return to soaps swear, I DEFINITELY heard him say ‘taking the p**s’ with reference to actors dying and cutting their hair during lock down, why has Lorraine not apologised?!?!?”

The comment was made about Danny Miller’s shaved head

Another posted: “Glad it isn’t just me who thought he said ‘taking the p**s’. #lorraine.”

A third asked: “Did he just say ‘take the p**s’?”

ITV was turned blue earlier this morning too after a GMB guest went on a furious sweary rant.

Adee Phelan appeared on the show to discuss his incredible £650,000 gift giving effort that has seen 94,000 NHS heroes receive boxes of hair products and PPE equipment.

Hairdresser Adee Phelan went on a sweary ant on today’s GMB

However, his positivity turned to anger as he slammed the Government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

He raged: “It’s a disgrace Piers. What’s happening in the government is bulls**t!

“And Boris Johnson and the whole lot of them down there need to start treating us with a bit of respect, a bit of honesty and a bit of dignity.

“This is not a time to be angry. I’m sorry, Piers. You’ve kindly got me on this show to talk about positivity, but it’s not right mate, it’s not fair. People are sick to death of the lies.

“We want a leader like a Churchill, like a Kennedy, like a Martin Luther King.”

The celeb clipper, who has cut David Beckham’s hair, revealed he was grateful to the NHS for caring for him after he split the back of his head open.

Piers stuck up for his old friend

He created his gift giving initiative after seeing a weary looking nurse on a chance encounter as he went to get a taxi.

It prompted him to ask major businesses in the hair industry to provide products to gift to nurses in a bid to boost their spirits as they work on the front line.

At the end of his interview, Adee referenced Black Lives Matters protests in London and demanded an end to racism, swearing twice more.

“Before you start stopping and searching white youths and black youths they’re probably on their way to work, probably on their way to college, they’re probably on their way to do a good deed.

“We need to stop judging, it needs to start from the top. Westminster needs to get their s**t in order”. They need to pull their fingers out. Stop lying. And the message is stick together, no fighting, no wars, no looting.

“We live in an amazing country, with amazing people, doing amazing things.”

Piers stuck up for his old friend, saying: “Normally we would issue a grovelling apology. I understand your anger and passion. I’m not going to apologise for it.”

Recalling his time at the salon with Adee, Piers continued: “The language was normally pretty fruity. You have a passion for life and care for people.”

Viewers’ opinions were mixed, with some praising his passion while others slammed him for swearing.