Make-up free Jacqueline Jossa transforms from washed out to bronzed goddess in ten seconds


JACQUELINE Jossa has revealed how she transformed herself into a bronzed goddess in less than TEN seconds.

The 27-year-old actress went from make-up free to perfectly glowing after she applied her own tanning spray from her BPerfect collection.

Jacqueline Jossa showed off her tan transformation in ten seconds

The former EastEnders star looked sensational as she showcased a radiant bronzed look within seconds.

The I’m a Celeb champion unveiled her brand new fake tan collection last month that smells like baby powder.

Jac admitted that she has struggled to find the perfect blend in the past but is thrilled to bring out a fake tan and believes that her “new creation” is perfect.

The mum-of-two confessed that it is the best fake tan she has ever used, she said: “The baby powder scent is like a clean smell, it’s not too sweet, it smells fresh like fresh linen. 

The actress looked glowing after applying her own fake tan

“It is genuinely the best fake tan I have ever used.”

Jac has always body confident and recently lashed out at critics that call her “bigger” and constantly ask her about her size.

Jac said she thinks “every size is amazing and beautiful” and could not understand why women get questioned about their weight and men don’t.

The soap star took to Instagram Stories: “I just want to quickly say something that’s been annoying me for a little while.

The soap star hit back at critics who call her a ‘bigger girl’

“When I do an interview at the moment all that people bring up is like you’re such an inspiration for the bigger girl and I’m absolutely happy for that, love it, no problem at all.

“But it’s kind of insulting because they’re like ‘how do you stay so positive, body confident and look like that?’ is basically what they are saying to me.

The I’m a Celeb champion then raged that men who are larger do not get quizzed about their body.

She continued: “Do you go up to a male actor or reality person that’s not got a 12 pack and then say ‘go you, well done you for just being happy and confident even though you look like that’ – they don’t get told.

Jac fumed that men do not get asked the same questions about their weight

“Being a man in this industry, they don’t get congratulated for being themselves.”

Jac explained: “Sure I’ve got rolls but I’m not unhappy with my body. I am positive and I do think size doesn’t matter.”

“It seems to be in an interview, they would never ask a man – it always seems like a woman thing about women empowerment and body confidence, it’s a weird thing.”

Jacqueline previously vowed to exercise and get fit – but not to get “skinny”.