Manpreet Sharma makes shock discovery about Charles Anderson’s mother in Emmerdale

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CHARLES Anderson was reunited with his mother Claudette as she rocked up the Yorkshire Dales.

But the vicar’s partner Manpreet Sharma soon realises the Emmerdale newcomer isn’t being upfront with her son.

Claudette made her way to the Dales

She soon revealed she was having health issues

But could she be hiding something?

The village vicar portrayed by Kevin Mathurin was over the moon when his mother Claudette (Coronation Street actress Flo Wilson) arrived in the eponymous ITV village.

But what was meant to be a visit may have to be extended as Claudette soon complained and revealed she was suffering from back pain – while making Manpreet Sharma’s (Rebecca Sarker) day a nightmare.

Claudette has been using Manpreet’s chequered past with Charles to stir up trouble and the village GP has had no other choice but to accept it due to her seemingly troubled health.

However, in scenes airing next week, Manpreet becomes suspicious about Claudette’s back pain.

And her suspicions seem to be confirmed when Claudette finds herself alone and moves with ease, her back pain nowhere to be found.

Manpreet and Claudette initially met at the local café when the newcomer wasted little time in making her presence felt by ordering a fresh pot of tea and refusing to pay for any “lukewarm rubbish.”

Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) was taken aback by Claudette’s bluntness but went ahead with her new customer’s wish.

Manpreet was later reminded that Claudette was not one to be trifled with when she asked her to move after the newcomer had taken up residence at her table.

Claudette responded by berating Manpreet for making a mess and the latter turned to Brenda for help.

Manpreet eventually had to give up on teaching Claudette a lesson and stormed out of the café in a rage, stunned by the woman’s rudeness.

The biggest shock came when she realised Claudette was Charles’ mother.

“She is deeply proud of her son Charles’ position as a vicar and grandson Ethan’s legal career”, an Emmerdale spokesperson said after Flo Wilson’s arrival was announced.

“She believes herself to be a loving matriarch, but secretly Charles finds his mother rather overbearing and soon the other villagers will learn not to get on the wrong side of Claudette.”

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Manpreet becomes suspicious of Claudette

What could the newcomer be hiding?