Martin Fowler hit and run EastEnders storyline explained as actor James Bye speaks out


EASTENDERS Martin Fowler is going to leave a man for dead in a dramatic hit and run this Christmas.

The fruit-and-veg flogger – played by actor James Bye in the BBC soap – will be drawn further into the dark side as struggles with the guilt of taking another life this Christmas.

Martin battles a guilty conscience after the hit and run in EastEnders

What is Martin Fowlers hit and run storyline in EastEnders?

EastEnders fans will know that Martin caused the death of Jamie Mitchell back in 2002 in a hit and run.

After Jamie died in hospital from his injuries a few days later, Martin was sentenced to four months in youth custody.

Jamie was Sonia’s boyfriend at the time, and a year later Martin clearly forgot about the incident and started dating her.

And now history will repeat itself when Martin and Tubbs hit an innocent bystander on their way back from a dodgy dealing.

But EastEnders are yet to confirm who is hit and fans will have to wait to find out exact details of the hit and run.

Sonia admitted she still had feelings for Martin recently in EastEnders

How does Martin react to the hit and run in EastEnders?

Martin will battle with a guilty conscience over the festive season in the wake of the hit and run.

Viewers know that it’s been a rough few months for Martin in EastEnders as he’s been at the beck and call of the Square’s villain Ben Mitchell.

The pair are in the midst of a long running feud after Martin’s wife, Stacey, smacked Ben’s dad over the head with a spanner.

Ben has been blackmailing Martin ever since with the spanner covered with Stacey’s prints and has banned Stacey from the village forcing Martin to end things with her.

On top of this, Martin was devastated when Bex Fowler recently attempted to kill herself in shock suicide scenes.

Following his hit and run incident, Martin will lean on ex-wife Sonia – who admitted she still had feelings for her ex earlier this week – to cope.

Stall holder Martin is set to turn to the dark side in the new year in EastEnders

What has EastEnders James Bye said about his character Martin?

Actor James Bye has spoken out about his character Martin’s turn to the dark side: “He’s been put in a position that he had no control over, or he certainly thought he had no control over, and his primary focus is on Bex because the rest of his family are gone.

“He will do anything, as you’ll see, to protect her and what he’s got left, so yeah, let’s see how that plays out.

“I don’t think anyone is going to really be that happy with the choices he’s made over Christmas.”

EastEnders boss Kate Oates told HOAR Online: “They left a guy laying in the road so theres that still to play out.

“And the resonance for Martin over what happened Jamie will be there too.”

Speaking about his characters growing connection with Sonia, James said: “With Martin and Sonia, because they’ve got such history, I think a reunion is always on the cards.

“So who knows? But with the history they’ve had it’s certainly on the cards – he’s in a bad place so he needs someone.”