McDonalds and Dodds viewers shocked at surprise Coronation Street cameo


MCDONALD and Dodds viewers were shocked to see former Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley appear on their screens. 

The third season of the ITV crime drama McDonald and Dodds premiered on Sunday evening.

McDonald and Dodds viewers were shocked to see Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley join the cast
Catherine also adopted a posh accent to play Kate

The episode saw Tala Gouveia, 38, and Jason Watkins, 55, reunite as DCI Lauren McDonald and DS Dodds, respectively.

Before long, the crime-solving team was getting stuck into another murder investigation in the city of Bath.

However, the detective duo weren’t the only familiar faces to return to the small screen last night. 

McDonald and Dodds viewers were shocked to see former Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley in the episode, too. 

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Catherine, 38, is best known for playing Eva Price in soap from 2011 to 2018. The actress left Corrie’s cobbled streets to pursue other acting opportunities, namely serious dramas. 

Since leaving the soap she’s appeared in Channel 5’s murder mystery drama 15 days alongside Silent Witness’s David Caves, and the police procedural thriller Viewpoint. 

In last night’s episode of McDonald and Dodds, Catherine played the murderer Kate. However, viewers were quick to point out how much the actress changed for her role in the drama.

She’s no longer Corrie’s blonde bombshell barmaid: Catherine donned mid-length brown hair in the episode. That wasn’t her only change, though.

She also debuted a “posh” accent which surprised viewers who were used to her Manchester drawl. 

“Took me ages to figure out that George’s gf was Catherine Tyldesley from Corrie. With the different look and that posh accent I hardly recognised her,” one viewer commented.

“Who knew Catherine Tyldesley was so posh!” another viewer exclaimed.

Another added: “A rather posh Catherine Tyldesley #McDonaldAndDodds.” 

The episode later explained the reason for Kate’s posh accent, though. While proving that she was the murderer, DS Dodds revealed that Kate took elocution lessons when she moved to Bath, which is how she met George Gillian (Alan Davis, 56), a wealthy bachelor she planned to scam.

Along with the actress’s new accent, viewers also noticed a blunder in the script, which was spoken by Catherine’s character. In the episode, Kate told the detectives that she originally hailed from Crawley in Surrey. 

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Eagle-eyed fans spotted the geographical error in this statement and took to Twitter to point out Crawley isn’t in Surrey. 

“Rookie error in #McDonaldAndDodds – Crawley is not in Surrey!” one viewer said.

Another viewer explained: “Crawley is NOT in Surrey, it’s in West Sussex!”

Catherine played Eva Price in Coronation Street

McDonald and Dodds continues on Sunday at 8pm on ITV.

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