Phillip Schofield points out painful Coronation Street ‘blunder’ as Emma walks into a wall during filming


THIS Morning’s Phillip Schofield reckoned he’d spotted a huge blunder on Coronation Street – when actress Alexander Marsdell walked into a wall.

The 58-year-old star even got his phone out and replayed the moment after spying it during the soap review.

Phillip Schofield reckoned he’d spotted a Coronation Street blunder – and recorded it on his phone

However, many fans insisted it was Phillip who had made the blunder – saying she was supposed to clatter into the brickwork and was just acting.

The moment was first pointed out during Sharon Marshall’s soap review, when Phillip said: “I just saw someone walk into a wall.”

And he didn’t let it lie, pulling out his phone later in the show and replaying the clip, showing Emma Brooker walking along the street.

But one fan insisted: “Guys!! The person falling over the wall is Emma, played by Alexandra Mardell. She was meant to do that.”

The presenter was convinced he had spotted an accident on the set of the ITV soap
Phillip pulled out his phone during Tuesday’s episode of This Morning
As many viewers pointed out, the error was intentional and took place as part of a storyline


Another said: “I can’t believe I’m watching, never mind tweeting but you guys are meant to be the experts, so how come I know that Emma walking into the wall is part of the shot on ITV corrie, not a mistake?”

A third tweeted Phillip directly, saying: “The lady walking into the wall was part of the scene – it was shown on BBC Breakfast when they were reporting on Coronation Street restarting filming.”

The official This Morning account later admitted it wasn’t a blunder, tweeting: “We’ve been assured that no Corrie character was hurt in the making of this video – Emma, we’re looking at you.”

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