Phillip Schofields former co-star calls him a total t**t in furious online rant


PHILLIP Schofield’s former co-star Connor Byrne has called him a “total t**t” in a furious online rant.

The ex Emmerdale star’s outburst comes after the presenter took a grinning selfie with Boris Johnson following their chat on This Morning, but faced a backlash from viewers.

Eight star ITV presenters spoke to HOAR about what they described as a toxic environment at This Morning, where Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield work

Connor starred in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat with Phil, who has also been rocked by claims he’scaused tensions behind the scenes at ITV with Holly Willoughby, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes.

Connor vented on Twitter today: “I’ve seen a lot of the nonsense on here about Phillip Schofield’s encounter with the duplicitous Johnson this morning and, having worked with Mr Schofield I can categorically state cuddly Phil is a total t**t.

He added: “So it’s no surprise.”

This Morning viewers claimed Phil, 57, had gone easier on the PM than Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who had appeared on This Morning two days earlier.

Phillip Schofield’s former co-star Connor Byrne, who starred alongside the presenter in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, called him a ‘total t**t’ in a furious online rant

Byrne’s twitter rant clocked up thousands of likes

During that interview, Phil angrily pressed Mr Corbyn to apologise for antisemitism under his watch – and did not pose for a selfie with the Labour leader.

Addressing that on Twitter, the TV host remarked: “Can I point out that if Mr Corbyn had asked for a selfie, we would have happily obliged.”

Viewers were irritated by his final question where he asked the PM to “promise” to get Brexit done by the end of January, which gave him the chance to trot out his favourite line once more.

Elsewhere in the interview the PM insisted the NHS will not be sold off and compared Mr Corbyn’s claims to crazy UFO conspiracy theories.

Schofield said he would also have posed for a selfie with Jeremy Corbyn had he asked

Phillip Schofield forced Jeremy Corbyn to apologise for Labours anti-Semitism scandal live on This Morning

He said: “There are photographs which purport to prove that there are UFOs. But it’s nonsense. Rock solid guarantee.”

Mr Johnson also claimed the reason Brits have so little trust in politicians was because of the failure to deliver Brexit.

The Prime Minister said: “I think there is a big trust issue with the whole of politics at the moment.

“I think that is basically because after three-and-a-half years we havent got done what we told the people we would do in 2016.”

Viewers accused Schofield of giving the PM an easy ride

Meanwhile, HOAR revealed Schofield had sparked a civil war at This Morning after his relationship with Holly became strained an Ruth made complaint.

Eight star ITV presenters spoke to HOAR about what they described as a toxic environment at This Morning.

It follows Britains Got Talent judgeAmanda Holdens allegation that Phillip got her banned from presenting on the show.