Roy Cropper confronted over secret addiction in Coronation Street

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NINA Lucas encouraged her uncle Roy Cropper to get with the program and find himself a mobile phone.

However, she grows concerned next week in Coronation Street when she notices his behaviour getting out of hand.

Roy Cropper got with the programme and has been using a mobile phone

But his niece Nina notices it’s becoming an addiction

How will she tackle it?

Who would have ever thought that a notorious technophobe like Roy Cropper could, one day, become addicted to his mobile phone?

Corrie has a gift when it comes to surprising ITV viewers and have decided to let the café owner played by soap legend David Neilson give in to technology in recent scenes.

Roy made the decision when his distaste and mistrust in technology almost cost Nina’s (Mollie Gallagher) life.

But in upcoming scenes of the Manchester-based drama, the teen backtracks and wishes he would give it a rest.

It all begins in Roy’s Rolls when he suggests to Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) that she might like to return to her job at the charity shop.

Roy continually checks his phone for updates on the roman fort excavation – prompting Carla Connor (Alison King) to open up to Nina about her concerns.

The Underworld factory boss admits she’s worried Roy has become obsessed with his smartphone.

Initially reluctant, Roy eventually grew fascinated with modern technology and is later found by Nina tapping away on his device.

Much like Carla, Nina comes to the realisation that Roy may be secretly addicted to his phone.

In an attempt to get the monkey off his back, she challenges Roy to put his phone away and work the rest of his shift at the café without looking at it once.

How will Roy react to her suggestion?

Roy caught up with the times after the New Year and left Corrie fans in stitches as he got more familiar with the modern tech world.

In recent scenes, the beloved character was bewildered and told Carla Connor and Peter Barlow he had “confused” his niece Nina.

Roy explained he’d asked her to get some aubergines while out shopping… with the help of a series of emojis.

Carla and Peter burst out laughing when he showed them his message thread with Nina.

“Roy, you can’t send aubergine emojis to your niece”, Carla told him.

Still struggling to understand, Roy was appalled by the explanation which Carla whispered into his ear.

“I still don’t understand”, he vehemently replied, “that’s simply a vegetable.”

Will Roy go back to his old ways?

Will Nina’s challenge help him find a balance?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

Nina tries to challenge her uncle

But how will he react?
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