Ryan Connor Makes Life-Changing Decision After Sex Work is Exposed in Coronation Street


Ryan Connor's Secret Career Revealed

The residents of Weatherfield were left in shock when it was discovered that Ryan Connor had taken up sex work as a means to make ends meet.

A Huge Decision

In the upcoming episodes of Coronation Street, Ryan Connor, portrayed by Ryan Prescott, will make a major decision about his job.

Struggles with Self-Confidence

Since his acid attack earlier this year, Ryan has been struggling with his self-confidence. The incident resulted in multiple skin grafts and a significant change in his appearance.


While working as an online sex worker, Ryan had been hiding his face due to his prominent scars. However, his secret was recently discovered by a reporter for the Weatherfield Gazette.

An Overwhelming Suggestion

As Ryan continues to navigate his new career, he receives a suggestion from Daniel Osbourne that leaves him feeling overwhelmed.

A Talk with the Kids

In the upcoming episodes, Ryan meets with Daniel and expresses his hesitation about giving a talk to the children at the STC. Daniel, however, believes it will be a beneficial experience and convinces Ryan to join him.

A Supportive Fiancée

To help ease Ryan's fears, Daniel summons his fiancée Daisy Midgeley to the STC. Daisy offers to give the talk alongside Ryan, which he greatly appreciates.

A Turning Point?

After receiving praise from Daisy for his performance at the STC, Ryan is forced to confront his reliance on sex work. Will he agree with her assessment that he can stop resorting to anonymously stripping off for cash?

Struggles Continue

While Ryan's decision remains uncertain, he is still battling his addiction to steroids. After injecting himself, an incident at the precinct pushes him to his breaking point.

A Brave Revelation

In a live video on his fitness account, Ryan removes the filter and announces his intention to stop lying. He bravely reveals his face and opens up about his struggles to his followers.

Unexpected Encounters

After watching Ryan's video, Daisy visits his flat and commends his bravery. However, things take a complicated turn when their interaction becomes more intimate and they are interrupted by Daniel.

Caught in the Act?

Will Ryan and Daisy be caught in a compromising situation? And how will they handle the fallout when Lauren Bolton, Ryan's flatmate, learns about their secret?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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