Ryan Thomas moans fiancee Lucy Mecklenburgh is ‘obsessed’ with their son and never shows him affection


RYAN Thomas has revealed his fiancee Lucy Mecklenburgh is so “obsessed” with their son Roman, he feels left out.

Speaking on his Mancs on the Mic podcast which he presents with his brothers Scott and Adam, the 37 year-old former Coronation Street star had a moan about Lucy not being “as affectionate” as he is.

Ryan says Lucy is not as ‘touchy feely’ as he is
Lucy, with son Roman, also took part in the podcast

Roman is soon to be a big brother with Lucy due to give birth soon

Talking about the family dynamic, he said: “She’s obsessed with Roman and it’s amazing. But then sometimes she’ll kiss and cuddle him and go, ‘I love you so much, give me a snog’ and I go, ‘What about me?’”

Lucy, 30, also appeared on the podcast and admitted Ryan was right.

She added: “He actually does do that. He’ll be sitting at the other end of the sofa and be like, ‘Hi?!’”

Ryan, who is also dad to Scarlett, 13, from his previous relationship with Tina O’Brien, also opened up about how he struggles to deal with his and Lucy’s difference styles of showing affection.

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He revealed: “Sometimes it’s very difficult for me to adapt to someone that’s not as affectionate and warm as I am. We can’t all be like huggy, kissy, lovey people.”

The couple then reflected on their early days of dating, with pregnant Lucy recalling how he initially rejected Ryan before they got together after filming channel 4 series The Island.

Lucy said that Ryan “started sliding into my DMs and getting his friends to ask for my number” three years before the show, but she gave him short shrift.

The former TOWIE star revealed: “I said no, because I was just like, ‘It’s not convenient, he lives ages away and I’m not really that arsed’. It was just always bad timing.” 

Ryan added that he found her “intimidating” because of her fame from TOWIE.

He explained: “Lucy Meck was a big deal back then and it was intimidating! You know, when you see her out it was like, I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t feel like she was approachable. I didn’t feel I would ever get someone like Lucy Meck.”

As part of his efforts to woo her, Lucy revealed how Ryan once messaged and asked “to meet for a milkshake” but that she “didn’t even reply to that”. 

Lucy even admitted that her initial reaction when she was told by producers that Ryan would be doing The Island.

She recalled: “They said, ‘Oh we’ve signed Ryan Thomas’ and I went ‘Ugh!’ I knew that he liked me, so I didn’t want to do a show that was going to become what it was. And it did, let’s face it!”

She then told an anecdote about Ryan trying it on with her in the hotel lift before they flew out to film The Island, but she turned away, causing him to “face plant” the mirror.

But when Lucy said she saw appearing on the show as just “a job” , cheeky Ryan joked: “And I just wanted a shag! Sorry babe.”

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Both insisted nothing more than a kiss happened on the Island, but Ryan says he knew Lucy was coming round to the idea of romance blossoming when she asked him to take her for “a wee”.

Lucy says: “I had to get Ryan to hold me. We hadn’t eaten for ten days. Like, nothing. Literally nothing. So he held me up while I had a wee.” 

Ryan is also a dad to Scarlett, 13

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