Sarah Jayne Dunn slams Hollyoaks for ‘judging her’ over OnlyFans and says she ‘had to’ strip off for soap’s sexy shoots


SARAH Jayne Dunn has slammed Hollyoaks for “judging her” over OnlyFans and said she “had to” strip off for the soap’s sexy shoots.

Last week HOAR revealed that the actress was axed from her role on the Channel 4 soap after refusing to quit stripping on the controversial 18+ network.

Sarah Jayne Dunn has criticised Hollyoaks for “judging her” and said she “had to” strip off for soap’s sexy shoots
Sarah has taken part in sexy shoots for the show’s yearly calendars

The soap star, who has played Mandy Richardson in the Channel four soap on off since 1996, has been stripping off online for several weeks.

A huge row broke out when bosses gave her a warning over conduct because of the show’s young audience and has since then lost her job.

When asked if she felt “morally judged” by Hollyoaks on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour earlier today, Sarah said: “I do feel judged, definitely.

“And I feel disappointed. I feel like I’ve been reprimanded for something I’ve been contractually bound to do, by the show, for most of my career.

“I’m actually not doing anything different to what I’ve been doing for as long as Instagram has been a thing.”

Since the news broke out, fans have slammed the programme and shown Sarah their support.

Many have labelled the show bosses “hypocritical” because of their racy storylines and sexy calendar photo shoots.

When asked about the calendars, the star insisted they were a “contractual thing”.

Sarah said: “It was a contractual thing, I would say. It wasn’t really an optional thing.

“I’ve been doing these types of shoots for years and years but have no control over what I’m wearing, the location, the photographer, the choice of the image at the end, any editing.

“A lot of women have followed me over to my OnlyFans account, because it’s for fans.”

Last week Sarah was forced to defend her decision to be on X-rated OnlyFans site during a heated debate on Good Morning Britain.

She was accused of “glorifying prostitution” as she went head to head with commentator Dominque Samuels.

Sarah said: “This isn’t about saying everyone should do OnlyFans, this is about taking control of your own images, your own choices and what you want to do with your body.

“That is not saying go out there and do porn, that is saying go out there and take control of what you do. It’s not promoting the site and saying everyone should do it.

“Again, it’s a choice, it’s a choice to do what you want to do on there and it’s about control and it’s not forcing anyone to get on it. “

The telly star made a whopping £121,000 in just 48 hours after her OnlyFans subscribers doubled overnight last week.

Only those that have paid to subscribe to her account for around £11 per month, can like or interact with a post.

And with her 11,000 new followers, Sarah has made an eye-watering £121,000, walking away with a total of £96,800 after OnlyFans deduct 20% commission.

The TV favourite has enjoyed six separate stints on Hollyoaks over the years, most recently reprising her role in 2017.

Last week we revealed that Sarah won’t leave the soap until 2022.

Sarah admitted that she felt judged by Hollyoaks for doing OnlyFans

The soap are known for their sexy shoots
Sarah has played Mandy since 1996

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