Sarah Platt Makes a Shocking Confession to Her Family in Coronation Street


SUPER Soap Week Exposes Serial Killer Stephen Reid

In a shocking turn of events, the Platt family in Coronation Street finds themselves linked to a serial killer. As part of SUPER Soap Week, Stephen Reid's crimes are exposed, leaving his niece Sarah torn between loyalty and the truth.

Sarah Finally Spills the Beans

After keeping some of her uncle's secrets to herself, Sarah Platt finally makes a huge confession to her family. The revelation raises questions about her possible involvement in Stephen's crimes.

Audrey Confronts Her Son

As Stephen Reid, played by Todd Boyce, integrated himself into Weatherfield, he found himself especially close to his niece Sarah. With a bond formed outside of their family circle, Stephen even supported Sarah during her pregnancy ordeal. However, their relationship takes a dark turn when Stephen helps Sarah deceive Adam Barlow about the paternity of her unborn baby.

Stephen's Downfall Revealed

Despite Sarah's initial trust in her uncle, she eventually learns the truth about his plans to deceive her grandmother Audrey Roberts. Next week, the secrets unravel and Sarah realizes the danger Stephen poses. Faced with the difficult decision, she chooses honesty and reveals Stephen's crimes to the Platt family.

Could Sarah Be Considered an Accessory?

With Stephen's crimes finally coming to light, the Platt family is left stunned. But as the dust settles, questions arise about Sarah's potential legal trouble. Could she be considered an accessory to Stephen's fraudulent activities?

The Dark History

Stephen's arrival in Weatherfield was marked by Audrey's struggle with mental health. Taking advantage of her trust, he aimed to gain access to her fortune. His plans took a dark turn when he attempted to poison her. As his focus shifted to other potential victims like Carla Connor and Elaine Jones, the true extent of Stephen's manipulations and deceit became clear.

Is Stephen Capable of More?

As Stephen and his new partner Jenny Connor plan a fresh start in Thailand, the discovery of Teddy Thompkins' body in the canal raises concerns. Could Stephen's secrets and thirst for violence lead him to kill again?

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