Serial killer Stephen Reid makes fatal mistake as he tries to claim another victim in Coronation Street

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DEMOTED by Carla Connor, Stephen Reid swore revenge on the Underworld boss.

But the Coronation Street villain makes a huge mistake that could expose him altogether next week.

Stephen Reid has been trying to oust Carla from her own business

But he makes a fatal mistake next week

Could he expose his own crimes to Weatherfield residents?

The businessman played by Canadian actor Todd Boyce was in cahoots with Michael Bailey and his niece Sara Platt as the pair used the Underworld premises behind Carla’s back to get their own business started.

Unfortunately, Stephen paid the price of his betrayal and has been left seething ever since.

ITV viewers have recently seen him spiking Carla’s drinks with LSD, leading her to take leave after a horrific van crash as her husband Peter was convinced her psychosis may have returned.

Stephen has been actively trying to keep her at arm’s length from her own business.

Coming up next week, Stephen takes things to another level when he gathers the shareholders on the workforce and suggests they should hold a vote of no confidence as he maintains Carla isn’t fit to take the helm.

Unfortunately for the serial killer, Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) is on to him and she gets her phone out to tip off Carla.

Stephen faces the consequences in later scenes of the Manchester-based drama as Carla (Alison King) summons him to her office and gives him a rollicking for trying to oust her from the business.

This comes after Dick Havisham arrives at the factory and belittles Stephen for being incompetent.

Sarah (Tina O’Brien) is saddened by the ordeal, shocked by her uncle’s actions.

Soap fans know Stephen won’t go down without a fight and as Carla prepares for the Nippersnapper presentation, he laces her tea with LSD again.

But when the Underworld leading lady takes a sip, she spits the tea out, complaining it was filled with full fat milk.

Stephen realises in horror that he gave her the wrong cup, meaning he or Sarah have drunk the LSD.

The pair arrive at the hotel for the presentation and Stephen takes the stage, hoping for the best.

Soon enough, it’s clear to him he must have taken the LSD as his vision becomes blurred and he starts to sweat profusely.

Stephen’s bad trip begins but could a turn down Memory Lane finally expose him?

Unbeknownst to everybody in the cobbles, Stephen is keeping some very dark secrets to himself – including two murders.

The villain is reaching serial killer heights as he continues to scheme to keep himself out of bankruptcy but this ultimately led him to kill Leo and his father Teddy Thompkins.

Will Carla be able to escape him?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

Stephen is keeping very dark secrets

Some of them could send them to prison
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