Seven EastEnders spoilers for this week including the explosive New Years Day hour-long special


EASTENDERS will air a special flashback episode on New Years Day to reveal the answers to the mysteries hanging over Albert Square.

An explosive Christmas Day episode suggested Martin had shot and killed Keanu after his affair with Phils wife Sharon was discovered.

A flashback on New Year’s Day reveals all about Keanu’s disappearance in EastEnders

1. Honey makes a move on Billy

Fans have been begging for Honey to reunite with Billy ever since love rat Adam’s cheating ways were revealed.

And it looks like fans are in luck as Billy and Honeys romantic chemistry is about to be revisisted.

In scenes yet to air, Karen decides to throw a party for New Years Eve and when Honey attends the celebrations, Billy is quick to notice shes not okay.

But when he asks her whats up, Honey leans in to kiss him.

EastEnders fans know that the Minute Mart worker is expected to take time out from EastEnders as actress Emma Barton takes part in the Strictly Come Dancing tour.

She will be gone for up to five weeks as she travels the country dancing.

Is Honey about to get a brutal rejection?

Honey pounces on Billy at a New Year’s Eve party in EastEnders

2. Lindas lies continue

On Christmas Day, fans will remember Linda discharged herself from hospital and then went missing for 24 hours.

Upon her return to the Vic, she lied to her husband Mick about where shed been and tried to wash blood off her shoes.

In scenes yet to air this week, Mick doesnt know what to do when Linda continues to lie about the events of Christmas Day.

Linda continues to lie about the events of Christmas Day in EastEnders

3. Lindas drinking spirals

On New Year’s Eve, Linda sets off to Karens party to throw herself into the festivities.

The pub landlady will hit the bottle hard, leading to a comedown that will change her life forever.

EastEnders is set to air a special episode on New Years Eve focusing on her downfall from her own point of view.

Linda can’t resist going from party to party on New Year’s Eve in EastEnders

4. Max irritates Ruby

Max is still reeling from Rubys announcement that she had slept with Martin Fowler and wanted to keep things casual.

On New Years Eve, party animal Ruby organises an 80s extravaganza at the club.

Max tries to make Ruby jealous by pretending hes been invited to another party by a woman.

Will Ruby even care?

Max irritates Ruby by pretending he’s getting attention from other women in EastEnders

5. Mitch notices something is wrong

Chantelle was horrified when Gray forced her to try for another baby and dragged her upstairs by the wrist.

In upcoming episodes, viewers will see her at breaking point as she struggles to come to terms with the rape.

Mitch will notice the tension between Chantelle and Gray as they set off on their honeymoon.

Will he realise an intervention is needed?

Chantelle is still reeling from Gray’s latest burst of abusive behaviour

6. Louise struggles to cope

EastEnders fans were left reeling as Louise took her revenge against cheating fianc Keanu.

She and Keanu headed to The Arches to find a car to get away in, before finding an open van.

But as they got into the van it became clear Keanu had fallen into a nasty trap as Louise smirked.

But viewers will see Louise battle with her guilty conscience on New Year’s Day.

Louise starts to feel guilty for her part in Keanu’s kidnapping in EastEnders

7. A flashback reveals all

EastEnders fans watched Martin show Ben footage of himself shooting Keanu.

But it looks like the video may have been fake as paparazzi photos show Keanu at Stansted Airport saying what appears to be a tearful goodbye to his mum.

The BBC has released a new EastEnders trailer featuring Keanu, with the caption: All will be revealed. New Years Day, in a special flashback episode.


The hour-long special on New Years Day will set the record straight on what Martin did to Keanu.

The EastEnders trailer also shows Linda standing next to the grey van, leaving fans convinced she has a part in the staging of Keanus death.

Is Keanu still alive?

It won’t be long until all is revealed.