Seven explosive Emmerdale spoilers: devastating suicide plan, family feud and shock revenge

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AFTER going missing for days, Paddy Kirk’s loved ones are relieved to see him come back to the Dales.

But Marlon Dingle soon has to race against the clock before it’s too late. Get the lowdown on all the Emmerdale drama.

Paddy Kirk is at the centre of a harrowing male depression storyline

He returns to the village after going missing for days

But what does he have planned?

1. Paddy’s final plan revealed

The beloved character portrayed by Dominic Brunt was confirmed to be at the centre of a new harrowing storyline about male depression.

As ITV viewers will remember, Paddy hurriedly fled from the eponymous village after spending a drunken night with former flame Mandy Dingle, claiming he was only going to buy milk.

Mandy and Paddy’s soon-to-be ex-wife Chas both tried to find him when the police called off their search for him, as it became clear Paddy didn’t want to be found.

Paddy finally comes out of his isolation this week and everyone is stunned to see a dishevelled Paddy standing in the doorway with a holdall.

His friend Marlon Dingle (played by Mark Charnock) simmers but makes a beeline for him, relieved to see him alive.

Chas (Lucy Pargeter), on the other hand, is irritated by Paddy’s behaviour, unaware it could be a cry for help.

When Paddy’s father Bear (Joshua Richards) enters with his daughter Eve, the family have an emotional reunion and Chas softens when she spots the hurt and sadness in Paddy’s eyes.

Paddy soon plays up his happiness to get a concerned Marlon off his back but his façade crumbles once the chef leaves and it’s clear he’s utterly bereft and broken.

In later scenes, he does what many people with a death plan do and ties up any loose end in the Dales by seemingly making amends with both family and friends.

Sadly, these are unaware that Paddy is saying his veiled goodbyes and he leaves his father Bear a letter.

Later on, Paddy is nowhere to be found once again… leaving his father to find the letter.

Despite his progress in recent months, Marlon feels helpless watching on everyone scrambling to go and find Paddy as he’s still recovering from his stroke.

He gets bolstered to join the search when his wife Rhona (Zoe Henry) delivers the appalling news about the missing bolt gun from the vet surgery.

Marlon is mortified as the reality of Paddy’s real plan dawns on him and he races against time to try and find him.

Will he be able to save his friend?

Naomi finds a new shocking love interest

2. Horrifying return

Dawn Taylor has been kept at arm’s length from the drama unfolding in the Dales.

The village secretary played by Olivia Bromley has been balancing her family life with a fresh start at the vet surgery, months after Harriet Finch’s death.

However, Dawn is utterly thrown to see her former partner Alex Moore (Liam Boyle) make another appearance after being intimidated by Kim Tate and William Taylor.

To make matters worse, Alex is becoming romantically involved with another resident of the eponymous village – Naomi Walters (Karene Peter).

The latter decided to end her relationship with Nate Robinson and will be seen flirting with the troublesome Alex outside the Main Street café.

This won’t be a coincidence as Naomi arranges a drink with Alex herself, oblivious to the hassle she’s getting herself into.

Her father Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) is as thrown as Dawn to see her and Alex on a date and becomes concerned for her.

Is he right to worry?

Could trouble be ahead for Dawn?

Amy Wyatt is adamant on keeping Cain and Kyle separated

3. Cain and Amy go to war

Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn) faces justice for the murder of Al Chapman while his parents engage in a different kind of battle.

Convinced that Cain Dingle (played by Jeff Hordley) is a bad influence on their son Kyle, Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) has decide to keep him away from the boy by demanding sole custody.

But her partner Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) fails to hide his inner conflict when he asks her if this would be the best thing for Kyle.

Amy has more important matters on her mind and she tries to stay strong as a terrified Kyle apprehends his hearing.

As viewers of the Yorkshire-based soap will remember, Kyle shot Al Chapman, which resulted in the businessman’s death and his father Cain had initially taken the blame for him.

Kyle was unable to cope with his guilty conscience and eventually confessed, which allowed Cain to return to the eponymous village after spending time behind bars.

But matters will only be getting worse between Amy and Cain.

Caleb has been trying to help Kyle and Cain

4. Kyle’s fate is revealed

Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) flies to his half-brother’s rescue one again when he sees how important it is for both Cain and Kyle to share a moment and he convinces Amy to relent.

As mentioned above, Kyle is due to get comeuppance for killing Al Chapman in late 2022.

Soon enough, everyone is on tenterhooks when Kyle’s solicitor phones with huge news for him.

What could it be?

Could it stop Amy from wanting to have sole custody of her son?

Clearly not…

Matty is shocked when Amy makes a surprising suggestion

5. Matty makes a confession

In later scenes, Moira Dingle (portrayed by Natalie J. Robb) is delighted when her son Matty tells her his girlfriend Amy spontaneously proposed.

Matty appears uneasy and Moira can’t help but notice his surprising mood at the thought of marrying Amy.

This prompts the Hide Bistro barista to confess to her his fear that Amy’s proposal was part her plan to get full custody of Kyle.

Moira is incensed by Amy’s intentions but, in later scenes, she finds herself having to calm her husband Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) down as the hot-tempered villager bangs on Amy’s door, ready to shout the odds over her plan.

What will Cain do?

Pollard spares Sam from police trouble – but he still has a plan in mind

6. Pollard seeks revenge

Determined to be involved in his granddaughter Esther’s life, Sam Dingle (played by James Hooton) wanted to help Amelia Spencer out financially.

But when he realised he would struggle to make ends meet himself, he asked his half-brother Cain to give Amelia’s father Dan Spencer a raise – which the owner of Barton and Dingle automotives refused.

Sam thus resorted to extreme measures in an attempt to help Amelia and stole baby items from David’s shop, then looked after by Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell).

When Pollard realised what Sam was up to, he chased him down the village streets, only for him to fall and be left fighting for his life.

This week, Sam and his wife Lydia (Karen Blick) are informed by Pollard that he would not be making a statement to the police.

The news comes as a huge relief for Sam who initially thought his struggling family would also have to pay his legal fees.

But Pollard has another trick up his sleeve to make Sam pay.

The farmhand is concerned when he’s told that, in order to pay off his dues, he will have to work for Pollard unpaid.

How will Sam react?

Arthur came out as gay and found himself a love interest

7. Arthur gets devastating news

Elsewhere in the eponymous village, Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clarke) gets a shock to the system this week.

The lad is left reeling when Marshall tells him that his dad is sending him away to boarding school.

Marshall dismisses his feelings for Arthur and plays it off as the two of them just being friends.

How will Arthur cope with the heartbreak?

Tune in to ITV on weeknights from 7.30pm to find out.