Seven explosive Emmerdale spoilers for this week as Charles Anderson is brutally attacked

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DANGER roams in the Dales this week as Charles Anderson is the target of a horrific attack.

His long-lost daughter Naomi, played by Karene Peter, is the first to be accused. Get the lowdown on all the Emmerdale drama.

Emmerdale vicar Charles Anderson is left fighting for his life this week

He’s the victim of a brutal assault

His daughter Naomi is the first one to be accused

But is she really responsible?

1. Charles gets attacked

The village vicar portrayed by Kevin Mathurin recently tried to patch things up with his daughter but she refused to form a bond with him, seeming more interest in his money than anything else.

However, this week Naomi rocks up the village again after her brother Ethan (Emile John) asks her to give their father a second chance.

When an unreadable Naomi approaches him, Charles is relieved to see her agree to talk things through.

Later on, Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) hears an argument and heads towards the church.

Naomi is soon spotted upset and angry, bursting out of the door and walking away.

The GP doesn’t go after her but, instead, heads inside the church, where she finds Charles lying unconscious.

An ambulance is called over and, noticing there’s an emergency where she’d previously left her father, Naomi rushes to the church once again.

PC Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) watches with concern as Manpreet tends to Charles.

Naomi is clearly shaken but Manpreet shouts at her, urging her to leave.

Ethan arrives at the scene but doesn’t know what to make of the situation.

Encouraged by Manpreet pushing Naomi away, Harriet arrests her on suspicion of assault.

While at the hospital, Manpreet and Ethan receive an update on the vicar’s condition.

Much to Ethan’s astonishment, Manpreet compares Naomi’s actions to that of serial killer Meena Jutla.

But is she really responsible for Charles’ assault?

Charity Dingle’s pregnancy came as a shock

2. Charity gets horrific news

Although Charity’s pregnancy caught him by surprise, Mackenzie (portrayed by Lawrence Robb) settles into his new attentive role this week.

His sister Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb) shares a few words of encouragement with him and tells him he’ll make a great father.

But just as things are looking up, the pub landlady played by Emma Atkins is hit by a wave of pain at Jacobs Fold and she worries something may by wrong with the baby.

Mackenzie returns home to find a broken Charity struggling on the floor and immediately scoops her into his arms.

Charity is crushed to think it may already be too late to save her baby and is gutted at her partner’s optimism.

The pair get to the hospital but soon struggle to hide their fear from each other when they’re rushed to the Early Pregnancy Unit.

The radiographer heads off to find a doctor, leaving Charity and Mackenzie to wait for their results.

Heartbreak is on the horizon for the lovebirds when the doctor breaks the news – Charity’s pregnancy is ectopic, therefore not viable.

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilised egg implants and grows outside the main cavity of the uterus and can be life-threatening.

When he finds out, Mackenzie is blown away and heartbroken to hear the heartbeat of the baby they are destined to lose.

A shell-shocked Charity and Mackenzie are left alone to process the news but the former is hellbent on moving forward by going psyching herself up for what she has to do.

Mackenzie offers support and Charity is grateful to have him by her side- but it’s evident he’s struggling more than he lets on.

How will they cope?

Sandra Flaherty is stooping at all kinds of lows to get money

3. Sandra blackmails Rishi

Sandra Flaherty (Joanne Mitchell) has been stirring up trouble since her arrival in the Dales.

She first told her daughter Liv she was ready to accept help for her drinking problem – but it was later revealed she was working with a man called Terry in a bid to get all the money she wanted.

In more recent scenes, she lured a lonely Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) into her trap through an online dating profile.

The pair spent the night together but Rishi came to regret it and gave Sandra money to make it up to her.

Sadly for him, she sees this as an opportunity to get her hands on more cash.

Coming up this week, Sandra blackmails Rishi over their illicit romance.

But somebody is on to her every move.

Mandy Dingle knows Sandra can’t be trusted

4. Mandy sets up a trap

Meanwhile, Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) confides in Bernice Blackstock about her suspicions of Sandra.

When money went missing in her salon, Mandy began to suspect Sandra may be responsible for the theft but had been unable to prove it.

She tried to set up a security system in the hopes of catching Sandra in some mischief.

Next week, however, the beautician comes up with another plan to prove Sandra isn’t one to be trusted.

Will Sandra be exposed?

Clemmie settles down in Emmerdale but Dawn Taylor struggles to cope with her arrival

5. Dawn struggles with Clemmie

Dawn Taylor (portrayed by Olivia Bromley) has taken it upon herself to give Clemmie a chance at a normal life after finding her at her friend Jade’s home, clearly neglected.

And since finding out that her former partner Alex is the little girl’s father, Dawn is more than willing to include her in her life in the eponymous village for the sake of her son Lucas, Clemmie’s half-brother.

This week, after a visit from a social worker, Dawn and her husband Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) reveal to a pleased Lucas that Clemmie will be living with them.

But things are off to a rocky start, leaving Billy and Dawn to hope that they will improve as a shy Clemmie needs coaxing away from her social worker’s side.

Reinforcements arrive and Lucas slowly gets his half-sister to come out of her shell, much to Dawn’s relief.

Unfortunately, tensions arise when Clemmie panics that she’s lost her doll.

This leads Dawn to the realisation she’ll have to take things more at Clemmie’s pace rather than their own.

The following day, Kim Tate (Claire King) comforts a weary Dawn and Clemmie shows that she is making progress.

Kim offers her help by taking Lucas and Clemmie out for a while and Dawn is grateful to have her around.

But things take a nasty turn in the playground when Lucas innocently takes Clemmie’s toy.

Furious, Clemmie scratches him and bursts into tears at Kim’s stern tone.

Billy and Dawn arrive in the chaos, amid Clemmie’s cries and Dawn feels terrible for not staying with Clemmie.

Will Clemmie adapt to her new life in Emmerdale?

Laurel Thomas is willing to give Jai Sharma another chance

6. Laurel and Jai are reunited

Meanwhile, Laurel Thomas (portrayed by actress Charlotte Bellamy) makes a huge decision about her personal life this week.

The Hide Café manager reconnects with her former partner Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson).

Both then decide to take things further and are excited to break the news to their kids who have witnessed their bitter breakup.

How will they react to their rekindled romance?

Will Kit, who cheated on Laurel with her stepdaughter Gabby Thomas, come in between them?

Jacob Gallagher drops a bombshell

7. Jacob makes a shock decision

Elsewhere in the village, Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) is over the moon when he receives his A-Level results.

The lad learns he has scored excellent marks but he drops a bombshell on his family who have been trying to push him to go to university.

Jacob reveals he’s made his decision – he will not be going to university.

The announcement follows his mother Leyla’s hospitalisation following an overdose.

Does he want to remain close to home out of worry for her?

Or could something else lead him to stay put?

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV.