Seven huge Coronation Street spoilers for this week as the truth catches up with Gary Windass


FOR years, Gary Windass was hoping for his killer secret to stay buried deep.

This week in Coronation Street, however, the police are finally beginning to close in on him. Get the lowdown on all of the upcoming drama.

Kelly gets some shocking news

1. Rick’s body gets found

Wayward teen Kelly Neelan (portrayed by Millie Gibson) has gone through a rough couple of months.

Things won’t be getting any better this week as she’s set to receive some awful news.

Coming up, after seeing the news on her phone, Kelly is horrified to learn the police are at County’s new training ground searching for a body.

A body is found on the construction site and Kelly clings to the hope that her dad is still alive (as her mother Laura has been diagnosed with terminal cancer).

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However, nothing goes as she hoped for.

DS Beckett breaks the news to Kelly that authorities have found Rick’s body.

The youngster is beside herself and, utterly bereft, breaks down uncontrollably.

Gary may have to come clean

2. Gary plans to confess

Emotions are running high at Victoria Court but two characters are panicking after finding out loan shark Rick has been found dead.

As Kelly begins the grieving process, Gary (Mikey North) knows his deepest and darkest secret is about to be unravelled.

ITV viewers know he, in fact, murdered Rick after the latter terrorised multiple residents.

Kelly first admits both of her parents have let her down and she’s grateful to have Gary and Maria (Samia Longchambon).

Awash with guilt, Gary tells his wife he has decided to confess to Rick’s murder – but she assures him he will only ruin their family’s life.

Is honesty really the best policy?

Craig focuses on his career

3. Craig quits his job

Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) is quitting his job at the Underworld factory this week.

After turning away from the police force in a bid to protect Faye Windass, he took on the role of packer.

In recent episodes, he decided to backtrack and reprise his badge.

This week, Craig is thrilled to receive an email confirming that he can reprise the position of police constable.

But could this be bad news for Faye and Emma Brooker?

Emma has some explaining to do

4. Emma’s secret is exposed

The Rovers barmaid (Alexandra Mardell) has more than one secret she’d like to keep to herself and everything could be exposed to Faye and Craig in a heartbeat.

With Faye struggling with her allergy to Peanut, Craig asks Emma if she could walk the dog.

Emma agrees and sets off on a dog walk with Jon Spear (Jordan Ford Silver), aka Ted’s grandson with whom she’s secretly bonded.

Unfortunately for her, Craig’s mother Beth bumps into the couple and introduces herself to Jon, much to Emma’s horror.

Beth later tells her son she met Emma’s old school friend and a suspicious Craig decides to confront her, fully convinced she is secretly meeting Jon.

Emma denies everything but still sees Jon in secret.

In upcoming scenes, and as they share breakfast, a loved up Emma tells Jon she’ll call in sick so they can spend the day together.

She lies to Craig and Faye that she has spent the day with an old school friend.

Imran makes a decision which could cost him his engagement

5. Imran makes a shock move

Speaking of secrets nobody should uncover, Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) is struggling to keep his life in balance after Alfie’s surprise birth.

The solicitor is going above and beyond to help Abi Webster (Sally Carman) keep their child.

This week, the pair feel guilty when they spot Imran’s fiancée Toyah Battersby walk into the courtroom to show her support.

The local authority solicitor first lists a host of reasons proving Abi to be an unfit mother and why Alfie should be taken into care.

Imran pleads Abi’s case, doing everything in his power to convince the Judge that Abi has changed and will never let anything bad happen to her newborn son.

When Toyah suggests to Imran that he’s done all he can and it’s time to step back and concentrate on Elsie’s adoption hearing, Abi is furious.

Imran covers his turmoil and Abi bans him from seeing Alfie.

Desperate, Imran declares he’ll do whatever it takes… even if he has to put his own name on Alfie’s birth certificate.

Kevin stumbles upon the truth

6. Kevin finds out the truth

But Imran’s decision will most probably backfire on him.

He first tells Toyah that he has set Abi up with another solicitor free of charge – before heading off with the latter to register Alfie’s birth.

Later on, Toyah bumps into Abi and, after mistaking Alfie’s paperwork for drugs, is convinced she’s up to no good.

Toyah assumes Abi is taking drugs again after the mechanic acted strangely with her.

She feels like she has no other choice than to warn Abi’s husband Kevin (Michael Le Vell).

Worried, Kevin searches for the package Toyah spoke of while Abi is making tea and finds the birth certificate.

Kevin is in for a shock as the document states that Imran is Alfie’s father.

Will Imran and Abi finally come clean?

Summer still struggles with an eating disorder

7. Summer falls apart

Summer Spellman’s (Harriet Bibby) eating disorder gets out of hand this week.

Coming up, the teen’s guardian Billy (played by Daniel Brocklebank) confides in Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) that he is becoming increasingly worried by Summer working so hard.

Billy later insists she takes a lunch break but Summer makes out she’ll eat in her room while she works, terrified at the thought of having to eat.

Todd doesn’t let things go and suggests to Summer that she should have a night out with her friends.

Summer, yet again, assures that she needs to revise more.

Archdeacon Billy later says she should be taking some time out of her schedule to enjoy a night with her friends.

This time, Summer listens and complies, fed up of being the boring one.

But what could have been an enjoyable night quickly goes south as Summer knocks back the wine in the café.

Summer’s friends Amy, Nina and Asha all worry about her insulin levels and it becomes apparent that Summer is getting drunk before the night begins.

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Yet Summer refuses to listen to them and even snaps at her friends, determined to have a good time.

Will her struggle be revealed?