Seven huge EastEnders spoilers for next week including Whitney’s murder trial chaos and Frankie’s huge bombshell


FRANKIE Lewis shocks Mick Carter out of his skin next week in EastEnders when she tells him she’s his daughter. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week in Albert Square…

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Frankie tells Mick he’s her father next week in EastEnders

1. Frankie drops a bombshell 

Mick grows uneasy when he hears that Frankie is looking after Ollie. 

Rushing to the park to find Ollie, Mick corners Frankie and quizzes her about why she’s obsessed with his family. 

But Mick is lost for words when Frankie tells him that she thinks he’s her dad. 

Will Frankie turn out to be telling the truth?

Mick suffers a panic attack following Frankie’s bombshell

2. Mick suffers panic attack collapse

Later in the week, the stress finally gets to Mick when he takes to the stand during Whitney’s murder trial.

It’s clear he’s struggling as the prosecution grill him and keep pushing for answers, and disaster strikes as Mick clutches his chest in pain and collapses from a panic attack. 

Will he be okay?

Gray unravels on the day of Chantelle’s funeral and Whitney’s trial

3. Disaster strikes during Whitney’s trial

Gray hits rock bottom Whitney’s trial clashes with Chantelle’s funeral next week on the soap.

A defiant Gray tells Whitney he’ll be staying on her case but Whitney insists he needs to prioritise his children and the funeral. 

Gray struggles to hold it together as the big day arrives.

Sonia tries her best to provide support for Whit – but neither could be prepared for the disaster that strikes next.

Might the chaos have something to do with Gray?

Kush turns to gambling next week

4. Kush turns to gambling

When Jean spots Kush playing poker games, she warns him of the dangers.

But Kush is quick to reassure Jean that he’s just having some fun. 

But disaster strikes when their landlord Suki demands more money for rent and threatens them with eviction.

Jean is horrified when Kush appears with a wad of cash and admits he’s used a gambling app to raise the money.

Might Kush be about to head on a downward spiral?

And might his new gambling interest have something to do with his exit?

EastEnders’ Callum goes undercover to get Phil arrested

5. Callum goes undercover

Viewers know that Denise has vowed to keep Phil as far away from toddler Raymond as possible after being reminded of how toxic the Mitchells are recently.

But Phil will get wind of the car crash next week and ask Callum to look into the family that adopted Raymond. 

Later, Thompson tells Callum that the listening device isn’t doing enough – and that he wants him to wear a wire to dig for dirt on Phil. 

Later, Callum tells Phil that he couldn’t find anything about Raymond’s family, but that he’s happy to look into some of his ‘contacts’ if that would help. 

Phil bonds with Raymond at the hospital

6. Phil bonds with Raymond

But Phil isn’t interested and heads off to the hospital, where he vows to bond with Raymond.

Phil then strikes up a conversation with Ellie and lies about who he is and why he’s there. 

Will newcomer Ellie discover his real identity?

Jags announces his relationship with Habiba

7. Suki betrays Jags

Suki brutally betrays her son when he announces his new relationship with Habiba to the family. 

Viewers know that Habiba has been encouraging Jags to ditch the dodgy family business.

Later in the week, Ash discovers what Suki has done and is horrified.

The soap has confirmed that Jags will make a dramatic exit from the soap next month – and it will be all thanks to Suki.

Viewers know that the conniving matriarch has already faked having cancer.

What does she have up her sleeve this time?