Seven huge EastEnders spoilers for this week as Suki Panesar spirals out of control

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CALCULATED and stone-hearted Suki Panesar is letting the mask slip this week.

Ranveer’s death is weighing heavy on her conscience just as her son Kheerat gets suspicious. Get the lowdown on the EastEnders drama.

Suki Panesar believes she’s guilty of murder

She has struggled with a guilty conscience in recent weeks

Her mental health is on a downward spiral

But she makes a huge confession to Eve Unwin

1. Suki crumbles

The Walford businesswoman portrayed by Balvinder Sopal has been awash with guilt, convinced she murdered Ranveer after he tried to sexually assault her.

Little does she know Ranveer Gulati’s own son Ravi (played by Aaron Thiara) was actually the one to hit the entrepreneur with the fatal blow.

But while Ravi keeps his cool, Suki sinks under the pressure and all her secrets could be unravelling this week.

Coming up on the BBC One soap, Eve (Heather Peace) is shocked to see a dishevelled looking Suki walking through Albert Square in her nightdress.

As Eve and Ash try to get to the bottom of Suki’s situation, they leave her alone with Dr Nina who offers her sleeping pills.

Ravi is caught up to speed on Suki’s state with a little help from his son Nugget and, when Eve brings her home, she notices something isn’t right.

Will Suki’s secret fully come to light?

2. … and makes a confession

Later on, Kheerat (Jaz Deol) is confused to hear from Alfie about what happened with his mother but Ravi covers and says Suki was only sleepwalking.

While Kheerat appears to be none the wiser, Eve knows something is going on and is determined to get the truth out of Suki.

The former solicitor pays Suki a visit once again and the latter cautiously opens up.

This leads to her revealing that Ranveer tried to rape her.

But will she tell her love interest everything?

Ranveer’s whereabouts slowly become a topic Kheerat wants to focus on

3. Kheerat gets more suspicious

Just as Suki seems ready to come clean, Kheerat comes to the realisation that something sinister may have happened to Ranveer.

After finding out his mother Suki was partially responsible for his brother Jags’ death, Kheerat has been keeping his distance from her and focusing on his relationship with Stacey Slater.

Coming up, Kheerat takes his other half out on a date but he’s soon distracted by work, leaving her frustrated.

He eventually opens up to Stacey and Eve Unwin, asserting he believes Ranveer Gulati has gone missing.

And this conviction is only supported by Suki’s obviously deteriorating mental health.

Later on, Kheerat pays Nina a visit but is soon forced to apologise to Stacey for missing a date they had planned together.

Kheerat is set to grow increasingly suspicious of Ranveer’s whereabouts when Ravi suggests the Panesars celebrate his own son Nugget’s birthday.

Ravi manipulates Vinny and Ash into coming along and, with things still tense between them, Kheerat declines the offer until Stacey offers him some words of wisdom and encourages him to reconsider.

While at the meal, however, Kheerat picks up on more signs that not everything is as it seems when it comes to Ranveer vanishing.

Will he find out that Ranveer is dead?

Janine Butcher and Linda Carter have been fighting over Mick

4. Linda defends Janine

Meanwhile, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) tries to put her feud with a pregnant Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) to rest.

In upcoming scenes of the iconic drama, the Vic landlady jumps to her rival’s defence.

Janine’s daughter Scarlett (Tabitha Byron) opens up to Linda this week and talks about her fears of her mother having another baby.

Scarlett is worried Janine will forget about her once the baby is born but, surprisingly, Linda reassures her immediately, despite her grievances with Janine.

She even tells the young girl Mick will be there for her.

Little does she know Scarlett is keeping a secret from her.

Scarlett knows all about Janine’s scheming against Linda

5. Scarlett is ready to expose Janine

While Janine has been processing the fact she’s pregnant with Mick’s child, Scarlett could burst her entire bubble with the evidence she finds against her own mother.

In the café, and before she can confide in Linda, Scarlett overhears her discussing Janine’s relationship with her daughter with her pal Sharon Watts.

According to both women, Janine won’t be taking care of her own baby after its birth.

Scarlett then gets an idea as she spots her mother Janine in the back of Frankie Lewis’ incriminating photo.

This leads to her and Linda talking, as mentioned above.

But as the conversation goes on and, soon, Scarlett feels conflicted.

She contemplates telling Linda the truth about all of Janine’s actions, particularly about her car crash earlier in 2022.

Realising the youngster is keeping something from her, the Vic landlady urges her to speak up.

Linda even probes her for information but Scarlett rushes off.

Meanwhile, Mick tells Janine they can take Scarlett to meet his children that same evening and she panics to learn that her daughter is with her biggest rival.

Janine panics while Scarlett is seen with Linda once again.

Could she expose Janine?

Freddie Slater has tried to find answers on his true parentage

6. Billy is hit with an ultimatum

It’s never too late to tell the truth according to Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) and she’s desperate to remind Billy (Perry Fenwick) that he has no choice but to tell Freddie Slater everything about his real father.

The lad played by the late Jade Goody‘s son Bobby Brazier came to Walford in the hopes of finding answers regarding his father.

He was led straight to Billy Mitchell who was once married to his mother, Little Mo Slater.

Upon his arrival, Freddie firmly believed that Billy was his father and even introduced himself to him as his son.

Little does he know that his mother was actually raped by Graham Foster, which ultimately to the breakdown of her marriage with Billy.

But just as he was about to tell Freddie the truth, Billy was arrested by DCI Samantha Keeble.

Coming up, Billy gets a stern talk from Honey (Emma Barton) as she reminds him he’ll need to tell Freddie the truth at some point.

Another Albert Square could beat him to the punch, however.

As Billy is reminded that honesty is the best policy, Freddie tries to find a job in the Square next week, in an attempt to help the market trader pay for his legal fees.

He’s offered a trial shift at the chippy and, soon enough, impresses Bobby Beale into giving him a permanent position.

But when he overhears Billy’s solicitor telling him he could face a long prison sentence, Freddie is more than determined to help, thus turning to Phil Mitchell.

Phil says he’s unable to help and Freddie turns to his son Ben Mitchell instead.

Unaware of his father’s involvement in the crime Billy is accused of, Ben helps Freddie out, finding Billy a good lawyer from Ritchie’s firm.

The Walford tough man has previously tried to warn Freddie away and is fuming to see his demand has been disrespected.

Raging, Phil decides to drop a bombshell on Freddie which could lead to more trouble for Billy.

Amy and Denzel have had troubles beginnings

7. Amy and Denzel get closer

Love is blooming in Albert Square this week – and Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) is less than happy about it.

Police officer Jack will be taking a stand when his teen daughter Amy (played by Ellie Dadd) finds herself a potential love interest.

It all begins next week when Nugget Gulati, who is in need of money for a school trip, gets an idea to get the funds from Amy – but the teens argue and the plan fails.

The situation seemingly escalates and, soon enough, Jack and Howie Danes (Delroy Atkinson) get to Ravi Gulati, claiming they all need to go school as their children got themselves into trouble.

All three men arrive and begin to bicker as they defend their kids, until a teacher calls everyone into the office, demanding to know what happened.

Despite obvious tensions amongst the fathers, Amy and Denzel make the most of their connection in the Square.

In later scenes, market trader Martin Fowler (James Bye) even spots them holding hands – and immediately reports back to an annoyed Jack.

It becomes clear he’s upset to discover his daughter has been alone with Denzel but they assure him they were simply getting ready for Nugget’s birthday.

But Jack wants to hear none of it, shocking his wife Denise Fox (Diane Parish), his sister-in-law Kim (Tameka Empson) and Howie when he becomes overprotective.

What will Jack do?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.