Seven huge Emmerdale spoilers: legendary couple returns, hospital horror and a massive secret is finally exposed

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SECRETS never stay hidden for too long in the Dales and some have horrific consequences.

Meanwhile, in Emmerdale, one iconic couple could be reunited in the aftermath of a painful breakup. Get the lowdown.

Drama picks up a pace this week in Emmerdale

Could Mandy and Paddy give it another go?

The vet is thrown back into the dating pool by his father

1. Old flames reunite

Paddy Kirk, played by Dominic Brunt, is adapting to single life after the breakdown of his marriage to Chas Dingle.

The beloved character was crushed to find out she had embarked on an affair last year with Al Chapman.

Animosity grew between the pair, with Paddy trying to push the Woolpack manager out of the eponymous village.

But in scenes due to air on ITV, his father Bear Wolf (Joshua Richards) believes it’s time for him to get back into the dating pool.

Paddy is thus surprised with a double date and, although he remains polite when faced with the plan, he’s also horrified.

Bear fails to get the hint that the vet isn’t ready or even in the right headspace to socialise as he encourages him to hit the town with their dates Carol and Bev.

Paddy eventually thinks up an excuse and is relieved when Bear finally leaves with both women.

The following day, Paddy’s fragile heart is hit with another blow when Chas (Lucy Pargeter) believes she’s overheard him bragging about being single.

She retaliates by engaging in some flirtatious banter with Kev the drayman, leaving Paddy cut deep.

But when she’s confronted with his hurt, Chas puts Paddy in his place over his controlling behaviour and reminds him it was his decision to remain living with her.

Mandy (Lisa Riley) soon spots a bereft-looking Paddy but he tries to hide from her – to no avail.

Paddy lets his guard down, admitting he feels lost and Mandy wordlessly moves in to hold him, knowing how hard it can be to move on when you still love somebody.

Her observation strikes Paddy and he’s taken aback to realise that she of all people knows how he feels in that moment.

The pair are later together in the Woolpack and crack open a bottle of wine before finding themselves coyly avoiding eye contact.

Mandy’s words and their implication hang between them and the afternoon draws on.

Paddy walks down Memory Lane with the beautician through music and they both dissolve into helpless, cathartic, alcohol-fuelled laughter.

Mandy finds herself wrestling with her conscience as she locks eyes with a drunk Paddy – but will they go any further?

Mackenzie is ready to come clean

2. A massive secret is revealed

Some secrets become too heavy a burden to carry – as Mackenzie Boyd comes to realise this week.

Coming up, Mack (Lawrence Robb) tries to join in Charity’s happy banter… but he’s unable to get rid of the guilt he’s carrying.

Viewers of the Yorkshire-based drama will remember the hunk cheated on the Woolpack landlady (Emma Atkins) with Chloe during a one night stand.

To make matters worse, and unbeknownst to Charity or her granddaughter Sarah, he’s also the father of Chloe’s unborn baby.

While Chloe is happy to keep the secret, Mackenzie grows increasingly aware he needs to be honest, particularly since Charity gave the mother-to-be a place to stay when was kicked out of her home by her sister Amy Wyatt.

The following day, Mack reveals to Chloe he’ll be telling Charity about their baby.

Chloe is flummoxed as Mack refuses to back down, ready to face the consequences of his actions that same day.

But in an attempt to save her from the fallout, he encourages Chloe to leave.

She categorically refuses to be thrown to the wolves by him, knowing she has nowhere to go, and stands her ground.

Sarah Sugden’s life is in the balance

3. Sarah is rushed to hospital

Unfortunately, Mackenzie’s plans to come clean will be thwarted by Sarah who listens to their conversation from upstairs.

Sarah (Katie Hill) has always made it clear she is aware she won’t live to be her late great-grandmother Faith’s age.

The seventeen-year-old’s health has often been in jeopardy since her early childhood.

She was initially diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Fanconi anaemia, which led to her needing a bone marrow transplant.

Later on in 2017, Sarah battled throat cancer before suffering from heart failure, caused by her chemotherapy treatment.

The youth underwent a heart transplant and was stabilised with the help of meds.

But the teen is in for another trip to hospital in upcoming scenes of the Yorkshire-based soap.

Just as Mack and Chloe get ready to reveal their secret to Charity, Sarah comes stumbling down the stairs, struggling to breathe.

Unbeknownst to everybody, Sarah has listened to Mack and Chloe’s conversation…

Could she tell Charity what she knows?

Will Sarah make it?

4. Charity fears the worst

Charity Dingle is mortified to see her granddaughter in such a state.

But she quickly manages to instruct her partner Mack to call an ambulance as Sarah hyperventilates.

Sarah is rushed to A&E and wheeled off for medical treatment as an emotional Charity is held by Mackenzie.

She then confides in the hunk, worried about her granddaughter’s life expectancy.

But when Chloe clocks a doctor walking purposefully towards them, her concerns turn to fear as she knows there’s news.

Is Sarah out of danger?

Nate is embroiled in a desperate plan

5. Nate seduces a man

During his years in the eponymous village, the heartthrob portrayed by Jurell Carter has caught the eye of many residents.

But when he heads off to The Woolpack next week, his good looks become the centre of attention for villainous Greg (Daniel Betts).

The sinister newcomer approaches Nate and offers to buy him a drink and the latter gleefully flirts with him.

Little does Greg know that Nate’s phone is recording as a plan is finally set in motion.

What is Nate really up to and could he be jeopardising his relationship with Naomi Walters once again?

Viewers of the Yorkshire-based soap don’t need reminding that not everything is as it seems in the Dales.

As they will soon find out, Nate is only being used to honeytrap Ethan Anderson’s sleazy boss.

It all begins when Ethan (Emile John) explains to his partner Marcus Dean (Darcy Grey) and his sister Naomi Walters (Karene Peter) that Greg is trying to discredit his complaint.

As fans of the long-running program will remember, the young solicitor filed a complaint against the dodgy character when he came onto an unwilling Marcus after a dinner in their home.

Unfortunately, Greg is seemingly protected from any repercussions and, unsure what to about the injustice of it all, a deflated Ethan reveals he’s considering dropping the investigation.

To make matters worse and in a devastating move, he’s also ready to quit his job to have some peace from Greg.

But Naomi, who is somewhat of a reformed villain, takes matters into her own hands.

She tells Marcus that she has an idea to help swing the scales of justice in both his and Ethan’s favour.

The plan she hatches takes shape but is set to fail when she enlists the help of her boyfriend.

Nate is uncomfortable with the idea and refuses to be bait, while Marcus voices concerns.

Naomi does all she can for her brother and stresses he could lose his career because of Greg’s actions and impunity.

Convinced it’s the right thing to do for Ethan and Marcus, Nate finally agrees to help take Greg down.

Will it work?

Caleb is getting on Chas’ nerves

6. Chas makes a new enemy

The Woolpack manager portrayed by Lucy Pargeter has been going through a series of rough patches in the Dales.

But when Paddy tried to push her out of the village, she found an unexpected ally in the form of her long-lost half brother Caleb Milligan (Will Ash).

Unfortunately, her relationship with Caleb is set to take a nasty turn when he decides to meddle in her split with Paddy.

Chas makes her disdain for his interference very clear – how will Caleb react?

Cathy is embarrassed

7. Cathy loses her cool

Teen actress Gabrielle Dowling was thrown back into the spotlight for a never-before-seen storyline.

But this week, her on-screen alter ego Cathy Hope will be celebrating her sweet sixteen in the company of friends after finding a solution for her heavy periods.

Like many young girls and women in her situation, she has opted for the pill, unbeknownst to her father Bob (Tony Audenshaw).

Coming up in the Yorkshire Dales, Cathy is enjoying her sixteenth birthday during a gathering.

Meanwhile, Bob and Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) spy on the kids.

Brenda breaks the news to Bob that his daughter has been taking the pill, thus revealing Cathy’s biggest secret to him.

Bob is upset, realising he’d been kept in the dark all this time.

Things go from bad to worse, however, as Bob doesn’t opt for the tactful approach.

Instead, he asks Cathy to talk to him more about her heavy periods which causes her to be upset.

In fact, the mortified teen bursts into a fit of rage in the midst of her party, asking her guests to leave and Bob is left blindsided.

Can he find a way to help her?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.