Seven jaw-dropping Hollyoaks spoilers for this week


THERE’s a new villain determined to wreak havoc in Chester this week and it all begins by taking Sally St. Claire as a target.

Meanwhile, Maya’s death will be revisited and it could mean trouble for Ethan Williams. Get the lowdown on all the Hollyoaks drama.

The Chen-Williams family takes centre stage this week

Mason is trying to step back from Eric Foster

But his sister Lizzie goes through major turmoil

She’s left shaken after a horrific spiking incident

1. Sally is targeted

The Channel 4 soap begins the week with a shocking attack on Hollyoaks High headteacher Sally St. Claire, played by Annie Wallace.

Coming up, there’s a horrific display of transphobia when cruel flyers with her picture on them appear on school premises.

Nancy Osborne (portrayed by Jessica Fox) is immediately encouraged to find the culprit but Sally doesn’t want the flyers to distract her from her more important tasks.

Sally thus insists on rising above it – but who is to blame?

Radical misogynist Eric Foster has been a nuisance in the village

2. Eric continues to spiral

Meanwhile, Eric Foster (Angus Castle-Doughty) has it in for Mason Chen-Williams (Frank Kauer) after the lad left his “Men’s First Page” forum.

The tensions continues to build between them as the youngster tries to avoid Eric as best as he can.

Later on, however, Sally grants Eric some time away, noticing how tense everything is in school.

Eric decides to help his half-brother Tony at The Dog… until a rumour about his involvement with Maxime Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) leads Tony to make a drastic decision.

Sally then asks Eric to come back to the school, feeling guilty for asking him to take some time off.

She catches his mind drifting away from work and tells him off.

But Eric’s mask suddenly falls off and his bad temper makes an appearance.

This prompts him to make a shocking admission before wrecking the school hallway in front of everyone.

Is everyone in the village figuring out who Eric really is?

Lizzie becomes another target this week

3. Lizzie gets spiked

It could only be a matter of time until they do.

Things will be escalating as Eric secures a job at the Love Boat while continuing on his destructive path.

This is the first step to his new evil plan and, as a group of girls show up, Eric records his thoughts on his phone while watching them.

The girls turn their attention away from their drinks, leading to Eric spiking one of them.

Eric takes his rage out on another member of the Chen-Williams family – Lizzie (Lily Best).

His actions lead to a frightening hospitalisation and Mason is determined to find out what happened to his sister.

The teen turns to Eric for help, unaware he’s asking for support from the main culprit.

Despite the shock of being hospitalised, Lizzie puts on a defiant front as she orders the girls rallying around her to go to the Love Boat.

However, Eric serves up a new batch of drinks for them and scepticism from his previous victim Maxine could ruin his whole plan.

Ethan could get caught up by the truth

4. Ethan lets the truth slip

The Chen-Williams family could also be on the verge of being ripped apart as a slip of the tongue leads Ethan (Matthew Bailey) to reveal his involvement in Maya’s death to his brother Dave.

Whether Dave decides to help Ethan escape from justice or not remains to be seen but one member of their clan is eager to turn him in.

There are heart-breaking consequences for Ethan…

But not before he can turn to another one of his partners in crime.

Could Sienna help him?

5. Is Sienna moving on?

Ethan panics when he realises the truth about Maya’s death could be exposed.

Looking for a way out, he goes sinister by blackmailing Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) into being his alibi.

This wouldn’t be the first time he manages to rope her into his plan – but will she go down without a fight once again?

Later on, a surprising decision from Sienna convinces Ethan there’s a romantic connection between them.

Will love really blossom?

Romeo gets honest

6. Romeo’s true feelings are exposed

Elsewhere in Hollyoaks, Prince McQueen (Malique Thompson-Dwyer) is excited for his wedding plans with Olivia Bradshaw, which are surprisingly back on the table.

This week, Prince has an important question for his friend Romeo Nightingale (Owen Warner).

However, a round of truth of dares on their podcast brings Romeo’s true feelings about Olivia to the surface.

Could their friendship pay the price?

What does Romeo think about Olivia?

Will DeMarcus find his mark again?

7. DeMarcus goes back to school

After being wrongfully accused of PC Saul Reeves’ death, DeMarcus Westwood (Tomi Ade) is trying to re-adapt to a normal life.

Coming up, the lad goes back to school.

Unfortunately, he struggles to control his temper, leading to Sally and his father Felix (Richard Blackwood) wondering if he will be able to settle in as easily as they’d thought.

Will DeMarcus be able to move on?

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4.