Seven massive Coronation Street spoilers: stalking escalates, shock split and huge health secret

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DAISY Midgeley’s stalking torment takes new proportions this week and she’s in for plenty of trouble.

Two Coronation Street lovebirds also face a hurdle they may not be able to jump through. Here’s what you need to know.

Justin continues to torment Daisy Midgeley

But his infatuation becomes too hard to handle for the barmaid

She explodes in a rage in self-defence

Daisy packs a punch this week

1. Justin takes stalking to another level

Corrie actress Charlotte Jordan warned viewers – Daisy Midgeley won’t be coming out of her stalker ordeal unscathed.

The beloved Rovers barmaid grows increasingly on edge as Justin (former Hollyoaks hunk Andrew Still) continues his pursuit of her, convinced they’re in a loving relationship.

This week on ITV, Justin leaves Daisy a voicemail next week, explaining he found her number on a delivery package.

Drained from his relentless need to get her attention, Daisy switches her phone off and once she turns it back on, she’s bombarded with a string of texts from her stalker.

Daisy is broken and exhausted, dissolving into tears in her fiancé Daniel Osbourne’s (Rob Mallard) arms.

The Weatherfield teacher is scared for his other half’s well-being and scrolls through Justin’s texts.

This convinces him that they need to turn to the police once again, after reporting Justin a first time and being encouraged to keep a log of all his actions.

Daisy shows PC Scott the recent texts from Justin but is devastated when the copper plays it down.

She returns home, deflated, and is horrified to see that PC Scott has liked all her holiday snaps.

A helpless Daisy was hoping that preparing her upcoming nuptials with Daniel would take her mind off of things.

However, as she slowly becomes a shell of herself, Daniel suggests they postpone their big day until Justin has been dealt with.

But Justin isn’t ready to let Daisy go just yet…

Justin reports Daisy to the police

2. Daisy gets in trouble

Later on, Daisy encounters Justin bearing a bunch of flowers near the funeral home on Victoria Street and storms over, tired of having to look over her shoulder constantly.

She hurls the bouquet onto the pavement and stamps on it, prompting Justin to place a calming hand on her arm.

Daisy has had enough and protects herself the only way she knows how, overwhelmed by her fear and trauma – she punches Justin.

The altercation is witnessed by a shocked George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) and it’s revealed that Justin’s mother just passed away from cancer.

In a devastating twist, Justin says he was visiting George to sort the funeral arrangements.

Daisy bursts into tears on Daniel’s shoulder but things take another nasty turn for her.

PC Jess invites her to the station – Justin has accused her of assault.

Will she ever get justice?

Carla was recently spiked with LSD

3. Carla is in danger (again)

Elsewhere in the cobbles, Carla Connor (Alison King) is recovering from a bad LSD trip after crashing an Underworld van into Paul Foreman.

However, she has no idea she was spiked and her husband has grown worried she may have relapsed into psychosis as she spoke of imaginary sheep resembling her father-in-law Ken.

But there’s more – neither her nor Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) know that danger is still lurking around.

Coming up, Carla feels like she’s ready to return to work and Peter, upon seeing her improved state, agrees to pick up some files for her.

Whilst at the factory, he explains that Carla is hoping to be back in the following days.

This prompts Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) to call at the flat with the file for Carla.

Unfortunately, it’s soon clear she may be pushing herself as she begins to feel dizzy and disorientated while Stephen is present.

A panicked Peter tells Stephen he’s going to call the doctor and Carla has no choice but to comply.

In later scenes, Carla is fighting git and almost ready to get back to work after more rest.

Concerned, Stephen asks his niece Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) to convince her that her mental health is still too fragile for her to return to work.

Stephen also informs Elaine Metcalfe (Paula Wilcox) he can now afford to repay her loan in full,

But is everything really as it seems?

Viewers are too smart to be so easily duped.

As mentioned above, Carla was spiked with LSD by none other than villain Stephen who vowed revenge for getting demoted in the Underworld factory.

Once he’s in Carla and Peter’s flat, dropping off the file needed, he strikes again, spiking her glass of water with LSD, clearly hinting that he will stop at nothing to keep her away from his business.

Could he murder a third person in Weatherfield?

Alya is reovering from the lingering trauma of her knife attack

4. Alya makes a huge decision

After getting rid of a bomb planted in the cobbles by Griff Reynols, Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) took a knife to the gut upon seeing Maria Connor’s life was in danger.

Following a difficult recovery, Alya is still facing trauma from the attack perpetrated by Blake who tried to keep Griff Reynolds’ horrific legacy alive.

This week, she comes face to face with a man named Jayden at Barlow Legal Services – a client who has been accused of stabbing someone.

Before Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) and Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) can stop her, Alya’s emotions get the best of her and she angrily describes to him what it’s like to be stabbed.

Her former flame Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) listens to her tirade and suggests she should put it all down in her personal victim statement.

Later on at No.6, Ryan pulls Alya in for a hug which soon turns into a passionate kiss.

As mentioned above, Alya was stabbed by a lad called Blake as she tried to save Maria Connor’s life, meaning she has a say in the knifeman’s trial as his main victim.

Will she take Ryan’s advice? This remains to be seen.

But before she can, Alya makes a surprising decision implicating Max Turner, who is accused of encouraging terrorism and incitement to murder after being a part of Griff Reynolds’ far-right group.

Alya has struggled with the wayward teen but when Daniel Osbourne sees the lad is having a hard time at the STC, he asks her if she’s considering going to visit Max.

Although he faces justice for using his video editing skills to help Griff, Max has mostly been a victim of grooming as part of a hard-hitting storyline on radicalisation.

This prompts Alya to visit Max at the STC, shortly after he was attacked by other inmates.

Once he faces her, Max explains to Alya how his life was a mess and Griff came to him at a very troubled time.

Can she forgive him?

Spider pays Griff a visit

5. Secret terrorist exposed

Initially introduced as a dedicated eco-warrior, much like returning character Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock), Griff Reynolds showed his true and ugly colours in recent months.

But after threatening the disorganised harmony in Weatherfield, endangering many lives and grooming a vulnerable Max Turner, his reign of terror led him straight to a prison cell.

Undercover copper Spider put in his best efforts to try and catch Griff in the act and was even attacked by the racist thug and members of his far-right group.

However, despite Griff being locked up in prison, Spider’s work is far from over.

This week, Spider pays Griff a visit in a bid to get the name of the person who financially helped him to spread his racist agenda throughout Weatherfield.

Spider agrees to get Griff’s sentence reduced on the one condition he reveals where the funding came from.

Will Griff take the bait?

While this remains to be seen, Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) is still trying to move on from the turmoil Griff put her through as she tried to open up Weatherfield to refugees.

In later scenes, the local politician is annoyed when fellow councillor Len Cameron (Mark Murphy) invites the press to photograph him handing over a cheque for the funding.

Suddenly, Spider and a colleague screech up in a car wearing stab vests…

David feels vulnerable this week

6. One couple call it quits

Speaking of Maria Connor, she could be embroiled in a cheating scandal.

Off-screen, actress Julia Goulding is living a life of bliss after giving birth to her second child in November, 2022, a little girl named Emmeline Beanie Silver.

Unfortunately, Weatherfield routine includes drama and heartbreak for her alter ego, Shona Platt.

In recent scenes, Shona left the cobbles to help her stepdaughter Lily in her pursuit to become the next football star.

Meanwhile, her husband David (Jack P. Shepherd) is left alone in Weatherfield and has been trying to cope with Max Turner (Paddy Bever) facing justice for his involvement with Griff Reynolds’ far-right group.

Coming up, David is aware Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) works at the STC and asks him to find out how his son is coping.

Sadly, the lad is later seen nursing facial injuries after a brutal attack.

David is later informed of the attack and, devastated, drowns his sorrows in the Rovers.

He’s found drunk and alone in Victoria Garden by Maria Connor with whom he’s shared years of friendship.

The local politician and hairdresser is sympathetic to David’s struggles… but when he leans in for a drunken kiss, she orders him to go home.

Both Maria and David have known each other for more than a decade and this wouldn’t be the first time the barber tries to kiss the bombshell.

Can their friendship survive this?

While that remains to be seen, things are definitely set to go from bad to worse for David as Shona Platt makes her return, with restaurant Speed Daal being her first stop.

She later assures David that, from then on, they will face everything together as a team… but she will be hearing about what he’s been up to in later scenes.

Maria is the first to break the news to her own other half, Gary Windass (Mikey North) and it doesn’t take him long to find Shona in the Rovers to tell her about how David tried to kiss his wife.

Shona is mortified, hurrying out of the pub in a flash.

David tries to defend himself, telling Gary he was drunk and deeply regrets his actions.

But when he returns home, Shona is having none of his excuses and tells him she’s leaving him.

Paul is recovering from a van crash

7. Paul has a secret

As mentioned above, Paul Foreman (played by Peter Ash) was taken to hospital by Ed Bailey as a result of Carla crashing into him.

While he was injured, the builder was in no life-threatening danger… but could that all change?

This week, Paul’s leg is still causing him pain following the crash but he has other matters on his mind.

In recent scenes of the Manchester-based drama, Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) admitted he still harboured feelings for Paul and the pair are seemingly on the right track to fixing their relationship.

Viewers will remember their romance was sabotaged by Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) who was determined to keep Billy by his side.

Paul joins his flatmate Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) in the kitchen, revealing Billy kissed him.

Paul still remains cautious and tells Dee-Dee he can’t afford to get involved with Billy again as there are, in his eyes, too many complications.

This includes Paul’s assault on Mike Hargrave, which occurred as he was trying to save Summer Spellman weeks prior.

Todd took the blame for Paul, feeling guilty for putting him through the wringer but he urges the builder to come clean to Billy about the assault.

In later scenes, Billy and Paul appear as a couple and break the news to Todd that they’re back together.

Billy is then chatting to Dee-Dee in the Rovers… unaware of Paul struggling to pick up his darts not too far from them.

Paul still doesn’t address the pain in his leg and focuses on helping his twin sister Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) who is distraught to received an adjusted gas bill for £4,000.

Determined to help her provide for her four children, Paul vows that he will help her sort it.

Sadly, this could mean he neglects his health even further.

While Billy’s back is turned again, Paul struggles to grip a glass with his right hand but hides his concern.

What is going on with Paul?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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