Shock exit for Emmerdale villain after clash with family


CHARLES Anderson was concerned about his daughter Naomi’s budding romance with Alex Moore.

But the villain exits Emmerdale in scenes due to air next week, leaving the vicar’s family torn apart.

A villain finally leaves the eponymous village

But before he can, he drives a wedge between a father and daughter

Charles Anderson fears Naomi Walters may be throwing away her future with Alex Moore

Alex Moore (played by Liam Boyle) has been known for his unlawful scheming, blackmailing and drug dealings as he tried to make Dawn Taylor’s life a nightmare.

Yet in recent weeks, following Kim Tate and Will Taylor’s intimidation tactics, he has been trying to stick to the straight and narrow.

This has led him to meet Naomi Walters (Karene Peter) who was freshly single after her breakup with Nate Robinson.

Bold and ready to move on, Naomi flirted with Alex before taking down his phone number without his knowledge and calling him to arrange a date.

However, Naomi’s father Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) was uncertain about Alex and grew more and more convinced he was not to be trusted – particularly after listening to Dawn.

Coming up next week on ITV, Charles fails to convince Naomi to see sense over Alex and tells his own partner Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) that it’s painful to watch his daughter risk her future.

Manpreet remains hopeful and responds by urging Charles to give Alex a real chance and to only judge him if he lets Naomi down.

Soon enough, Charles encourages Alex to go to a job interview and Naomi is delighted to find out he’s managed to get it.

Sadly, she’s crushed to find out the job will be in Wales and, as an ex-offender, Alex feels he has no choice but to take it.

Alex immediately has second thoughts about the job but Charles talks him round.

Once he leaves, Charles puts his foot in it with Naomi – how will she respond?

Is Alex gone for good?

Naomi and Charles haven’t had the best start to their relationship.

In fact, Charles had no idea he even had a daughter until 2021 and he found her working in a bar a year later.

But while he was seeking to form a bond with her, Naomi was only interested in bettering her finances and demanded money from her long-lost father.

She eventually needed more than financial support when Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) recognised her as one of her attackers.

Could Alex’s departure from the eponymous village create another wedge between Naomi and Charles?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Naomi is moving on from Nate Robinson

But Alex has shocking news for her next week