Six Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Yasmeen’s health shock and Carla Connor’s drugs terror


YASMEEN Nazir is rushed to hospital after suffering a panic attack next week in Coronation Street as she’s summoned to court over Geoff’s debts. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening in the ITV soap next week…

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Tim tells Alya he wants to return Yasmeen’s money to her

1. Tim tries to put things right

Tim insists he doesn’t want a penny of Geoff’s money and that everything should go back to Yasmeen, but Adam warns him it’s not that simple.

Meanwhile, Alya reassures Yasmeen that with Geoff’s money, they can pay off all her debt. 

But Yasmeen is sickened when she opens a County Court Judgement.

Yasmeen suffers a panic attack next week in Corrie

2. Yasmeen reaches rock bottom

Yasmeen suffers a panic attack when Tim arrives with the paperwork for the transfer of Geoff’s assets. 

Alya finds Yasmeen having a full on meltdown and fretting that she’s going to be sent back to prison. 

Yasmeen then locks herself in her house and suddenly clutches her chest, struggling to breathe. 

When Alya and Tim finally manage to force their way in, they’re stunned to find Yasmeen in a ball on the floor and ring an ambulance.

Nick threatens Simon when he discovers he put Sam in danger

3. Nick threatens Simon

Nick marches round to confront Leanne when Sam admits he witnessed Simon and Jacob kidnapping a teenager. 

Simon insists the whole thing was just a prank, but Nick doesn’t believe a word of it and orders Simon to stay away from his son.

Simon also ignores Leanne’s order to go to the police and later brings Jacob round to the flat to count their drugs money.

Simon brings Jacob round to the flat to count drugs money

4. Jacob insults Leanne’s dead son

When Leanne emerges from her room and finds the boys counting money, she objects to their actions. 

But it all kicks off as Jacob makes a nasty comment about Leanne’s dead son Oliver.

As Leanne flies into a rage and tries to grab him, she’s devastated as she smashes Oliver’s music box. 

Carla warns Jacob to stay away from Simon in Corrie

5. Carla is drawn into the drugs story 

Leanne runs to Carla to ask for help. 

Carla begs Leanne not to involve Peter and promises to take matters into her own hands. 

Later, Carla corners Jacob and warns him to stay away from Simon, but will she only make matters worse?

Asha tells Nina she’s in love with her next week in Corrie

6. Asha confesses her love

Viewers will see Nina start to withdraw from Asha next week as she becomes overwhelmed by their relationship. 

Aadi confronts Nina when he discovers she’s offered to work at the cafe when she’s supposed to be at Dev’s party. 

Nina eventually turns up to the party but is unsettled when Dev makes a speech welcoming her into the family, and she grows more uneasy as Asha confesses her love.