Six huge Emmerdale spoilers for this week as killer Meena Jutla tries to murder AGAIN


SERIAL killer Meena Jutla tries to murder AGAIN this week in Emmerdale in a disastrous attempt to cover her tracks. 

Meena murdered Andrea Tate in a huge maize fire last week, but could a twist see her exposed? Here’s the lowdown on next week from the ITV soap…

Meena worries that Priya will expose her
Meena hatches a plan to silence Priya forever

1. Meena murders again

As the week kicks off, viewers will see Priya nursing her wounds in hospital after being burned badly in the maize fire.

Meena worries Priya will start speaking and undermine her version of events.

The killer hatches a plan and heads towards the hospital to silence Priya forever.

However, she’s stopped in her tracks when a nurse bursts into the room.

2. Al gets a shock 

Jai is distressed by Priya’s suffering after a visit to the hospital. 

Meanwhile, Al is left questioning what’s going on between his son Ellis and his ex Priya when he hears that he’s kept a vigil in the hospital by Priya’s bedside.

Will Ellis come clean to Al?

3. The police arrive

Meena is worried when she hears the police are now conducting a murder investigation. 

Her world implodes when DS Rogers asks her to come into the police station to go over her statement. 

Meena frames another resident, but who is she throwing under the bus and will it get her off the hook?

4. Diane Sugden leaves

Diane says her goodbyes to fellow B&B owner Eric Pollard, the widower of her late sister Val who died in 2015. 

Eric offers to buy her out of her share of the business, but what will she say?

Diane will wave goodbye to Emmerdale village this week after 22 years.

Actress Elizabeth Estensen recently confirmed that she was retiring after more than two decades to enjoy life out of the limelight.

5. Gabby goes into labour 

Diane shares her box of Woolpack memories with Chas and Bernice but finds herself agreeing to Chas’s offer of a goodbye party. 

Gabby prepares for her moonlit flit, but will Chas’s party jeopardise their plans?

Later, back at Home Farm, Gabby finally snaps at Kim and tells her she won’t be a part of her baby’s life.

She then starts secretly packing at Home Farm, but as she’s lugging her suitcase out of the house she’s horrified to feel pains in her stomach. 

Disaster strikes as she falls to the floor and starts going into labour.

6. Leyla opens up to Tracy 

Leyla is grateful when Tracy invites her over for a chat and opens up about the double life that Liam has been leading. 

The following day, Leyla grows increasingly frustrated as Liam pretends to get ready for work. 

Tracy suggests Leyla should confront him and push for answers, but could it backfire?

Gabby stands up to Kim and tells her she won’t be involved in her baby’s life
Gabby goes into labour at Home Farm