Stacey Solomon says she cant cope with Joe Swash and complains shes unable to function after he wakes up baby Rex


STACEY Swash has posted an angry rant about boyfriend Joe Swash, writing: “Honestly, I can’t cope.”

The 30-year-old Loose Women star let rip at the ex-EastEnders after he asked her a series of questions and woke up their six-month-old baby, Rex.

Angry Stacey Solomon told followers ‘I’m too tired for this craziness’

She told fans: “Joe comes in and he’s like: ‘What are you up to tomorrow?’ I said: ‘Nothing babe, can you be quiet cos the baby’s asleep?’

“He goes: ‘Yeah. So what you doing tomorrow?’ ‘Nothing.’ ‘So what are you going to do tomorrow?’ How many times do I have to say nothing to you?”

Joe then appeared, as if on cue, and asked: “So you’re going to sit around doing nothing?”

She roared: “That’s exactly what I’m going to do. And now look – what was a fast-asleep baby is now wide-awake thanks to nothing.”

She said she couldn’t handle Joe Swash’s questioning
The Loose Women star said Joes noise had woken baby Rex

Joe, Stacey and six-month-old baby Rex in calmer times

Stacey wrote: “I’m too tired for this craziness. Nothing = nothing. Am I speaking another language?”

She later admitted she was going to watch TV and then go to bed, explaining: “Can’t function anymore.”

Last week, the former X Factor star revealed an incredible Christmas tree – after admitting she couldn’t wait any longer to put it up.

She explained: “Its Rexs first Christmas and I want it to last as long as possible! “Rex thinks its wonderful, hes had a sensory OVERLOAD today and keeps chuckling at it.”