Strictly rich list – from Nicola Adams to Jamie Laing, how stars ‘could earn MILLIONS’ with TV deals & magazine shoots


THEY’RE set to battle it out for a chance of taking home the Glitterball Trophy, but many of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing stars could become winners all over again once the show is over.

Everyone from Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing to EastEnders’ Maisie Smith and boxing legend Nicola Adams are set to Cha Cha Cha their way through the coming series.

There’s a whole new line-up of stars set to battle it out for the Strictly trophy

Maisie Smith is one of the stars that has the potential to rake in huge money post-show

And according to top celebrity agent Professor Jonathan Shalit, a few of them could go on to earn millions in the months after it ends.

In past series, each of the stars got £25,000 for appearing on the show, upped to £40,000 if they remained on it beyond the end of October. Once the show is over however, it’s all to play for.

Jonathan, who runs talent agency InterTalent, says: “This could not be a better year to do Strictly as the eyes of the nation will be on the show which has been brilliantly cast.

“All will do well and earn more than before they went in. Look at Alesha Dixon. She won Strictly 13 years ago – becomes a judge on the show, then BGT – now she’s a UK superstar.”

Top celebrity agent Professor Jonathan Shalit has revealed which stars he thinks could bring in big money

Jonathan says most of their earnings will come from magazine and photoshoot deals, as well as new TV opportunities. He also says many of them will be inundated with commercial endorsement opportunities and – depending if they perform already – more live work out of Covid times.

He explains that for the women in the show as a whole, the opportunities after it finishes can be huge.

“If you do really well, a big clothing brand could pay anywhere from £25,000 for a single Tweet to £200,000-300,000 for a branding campaign,” Jonathan explains.

“If you won Strictly and you became the face of a massive high street store like H&M or Next, they’d pay hundreds of thousands for a year’s campaign.

Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton were previously crowned champions

“One-off posts can be anywhere from £500 to £30,000, it depends on your following.”

He also says a single nightclub appearance – depending who the star is and where they’re appearing – could fetch £5,000, with many stars doing several in a single weekend.

Jonathan explains that some also have the potential to earn huge figures because brands and hotel chains will be offering them expenses-paid trips and freebies in the months after the show, essentially meaning they can “live free for a year”.

Here, he breaks down his predictions for what each star could potentially go on to earn in the year (or years) after the show is over…

Jamie Laing – ‘Over £2 million’

He’s become one of the most recognisable faces on Made in Chelsea, thanks to his roller coaster love life and any number of dramatic scenes with his co-stars.

Jamie Laing tops the post-show rich list, according to Jonathan

And Jamie Laing, 31, is now set to show off his dance moves, after being forced to pull out of last year’s series due to a foot injury.

The McVitie’s biscuit heir has already reached stardom thanks to his TV career, and has also built up a successful business – “premium gourmet sweet brand” Candy Kittens – which aims to make sweets cool again.

Jamie is already a household favourite thanks to Made in Chelsea

Jamie is the founder of confectionary brand Candy Kittens

With all that behind him already, it makes him the most likely to add the most to his wealth after the show, according to Jonathan, who says: “As he is a savvy businessman already, Jamie could expand his business to make £2 million plus.”

Jonathan says much of his earnings could come from further business exposure, endorsements and potential TV opportunities – but until he leaves the show, it’s unclear where he’ll focus his strengths.

However, he says it’s important to get past the halfway line.

“The person that does the worst in Strictly will probably still make £300,000, with things like follow-up chats and shoots, but if you get past the halfway stage, you can really accelerate into meaningful money,” Jonathan adds.

Maisie Smith – ‘£200K (or £2M if she leaves BBC contract’

While Maisie Smith, 19, has enjoyed huge success on EastEnders for years as Tiffany Butcher, she’s shot to new levels of fame over the last year thanks to her popular TikTok videos.

Maisie Smith is a major star in this year’s Strictly line-up

She has also become a huge hit on Instagram, with endless glamorous photos and a steady stream of fitness videos – opening up a huge amount of endorsement opportunities.

However, while her current popularity could potentially fetch her millions following Strictly, Jonathan says her earnings could be limited somewhat due to the fact she’s still under her BBC contract.

Maisie is best known for playing Tiffany butcher on EastEnders

Maisie is well known now for her glam posts and fitness videos on social media

He says: “Maisie has an ongoing BBC contract with EastEnders, so can expect to get limited potential earnings at around £200,000.

“However, if free of the BBC [at any time in the future], she could earn £2 million plus.”

Clara Amfo – ‘£650K (or over £1.5M if she leaves BBC)’

Much like Maisie, Radio 1 star Clara Amfo, 36, is locked into her own BBC contract, which Jonathan says could potentially limit what she could earn after the dance contest.

Clara Amfo has become one of the most loved stars on BBC Radio 1

However, he predicts big things for the radio DJ all the same, and says her winning personality means she’ll always be a success.

Clara – as the host of The Official Chart – has a huge fanbase behind her, having worked at Nickelodeon and Kiss FM in the past, as well as hosting the Brit Awards 2018 red carpet alongside Capital FM’s Roman Kemp.

Clara hosted the Brits red carpet alongside Capital FM’s Roman Kemp

Jonathan says: “Knowing her personally, I know what a special adorable lady Clara is.

“Whilst at the BBC, her earnings are limited… she’d probably take in around an extra £650,000. If she left the BBC, it could be £1.5 million plus.”

HRVY -‘ Over £1.5 million out of Covid times’

Another star who could have the potential to earn huge money after the show is pop star HRVY – but his start to the dance contest has been tough to say the least.

The 21-year-old heartthrob recently tested positive for Covid, meaning he’s had to miss several days of filming.

HRVY missed out on the official shoot as he’s self-isolating

Show bosses and fans are now praying for his health and hope he’ll overcome the virus in time for it going to air.

Jonathan says, without strict Covid restrictions, he’d normally be set to rake in more than a million in the coming year, much of which could come from new live music gigs and opportunities in the industry.

HRVY has become a hugely successful singer

HRVY has also proven himself to be a natural TV presenter, with his past gig on Friday Download on CBBC, opening up even more opportunities.

Jonathan says: “As a music artist who tours, if HRVY makes a real mark in the series, he could normally earn £1.5 million plus.”

While Covid restrictions mean the live circuit has been stalled, he says HRVY still has the potential to keep making huge advances in music.

Bill Bailey – ‘Over £1 million out of Covid times’

Bill Bailey, 55, has carved a hugely successful career in comedy and on TV over the last few decades – but Strictly could propel him to a whole new level of stardom once again.

Bill Bailey is set to show off his dance moves too

Bill could pull in more comedy gigs and TV opportunities post-Strictly

According to Jonathan, without Covid restrictions, the Have I Got News For You star would normally have the potential to bring in a huge amount of cash with comedy gigs and potential tours – as well as further TV opportunities.

He says: “Normally, he’d have a tour on sale and off the back of Strictly, whatever number he’s done before – just with the fact he’s done Strictly – he could double that.

“Because of Strictly, he can put the tickets on sale, but by the time he gets to do the tour [due to Covid delays], who knows?”

Nicola Adams – ‘£1 million’

Boxing legend Nicola Adams, 37, has already become a hugely popular star on this year’s show as one half of the first same-sex pairing.

Nicola Adams is starring on the show in the first same-sex pairing in its history

And having won the top prize at London 2012 and Rio 2016 in her flyweight division, she has a very successful sporting career behind her.

However, Jonathan says its her sparkling personality that is guaranteed to make her a huge winner with the public post-Strictly.

Nicola was a champion boxer, with supporters across the country

He says: “Nicola is a totally gorgeous human being as I know personally.

“If she reaches the final, she will become a national treasure and earn well over £1 million per year for many years to come.”

He says, for someone like Nicola, she could get “well over a million” just in endorsements alone.

He adds: “If you’re a sporting person, for example, and you’re advertising a sporting product, you’ve got a lot of followers that will follow what you say.”

Max George – ‘£1 million’

Singer Max George, 32, is best known for his time in hit band The Wanted and has remained a national heartthrob ever since – helped hugely, no doubt, by his past relationship with Michelle Keegan.

Max George is this year’s resident heartthrob

He has spent years in the spotlight, having started out in band Avenue on the X Factor, before going on to appear on US TV show Glee briefly.

He has also enjoyed high profile relationships with Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal and Miss Oklahoma contestant Carrie Baker. Then, in 2019, he confirmed he was dating Ryan Giggs‘ ex-wife and mother of two Stacey Giggs.

Max famously dated Michelle Keegan (pictured), before moving on with current partner Stacey Giggs

It’s meant he’s a hugely recognisable face both here and in the US and with TV, music and social media opportunities at his fingertips, Jonathan says: “If he wins, he could pull in £1 million.”

Ranvir Singh – ‘£1 million’

Whenever a UK daytime TV star appears on Strictly, they prove to be popular with viewers – so many expect the same to be true for GMB star Ranvir Singh, 43.

Ranvir Singh is representing GMB on Strictly this year

Ranvir is a favourite on Good Morning Britain

Ranvir has been entertaining viewers for years as a presenter on Daybreak (2012–2014), before her stint as features correspondent and news presenter on Good Morning Britain.

Jonathan says: “A GMB Queen, Ranvir is already impressing people, so I suspect she will earn around £1 million from this.”

Caroline Quentin – ‘Over £500K’

Caroline Quentin, 60, is a national TV treasure thanks to her roles on Men Behaving Badly, Jonathan Creek and Blue Murder.

Caroline Quentin transformed for the Strictly professional photoshoot

Caroline was a favourite on Jonathan Creek

And while Jonathan says her earnings after Strictly could be more limited than her co-stars, due largely to her already-established career, she could still rake in half a million thanks to her popular status.

Jonathan says: “She will struggle to make money, however well she does, but as a respected broadcaster and actress, she will comfortably make £500,000 plus per year for a few years.”

JJ Chalmers – ‘£300K’

Former Royal Marine and Invictus Games 2018 host JJ Chalmers, 33, has proved himself a popular TV presenter – potentially opening up future opportunities off screen, depending how far he goes on Strictly.

JJ Chalmers is a natural on TV screens already

JJ is an Invictus Games star and pal of Prince Harry

As a close friend of Prince Harry, and having been very open about his incredible recovery after being severely injured in a bomb blast in Afghanistan in 2011, he’s become hugely loved by the British public.

However, Jonathan says his potential earnings after Strictly could depend on how far into the competition he goes.

He adds: “He’s clearly a great guy… I suspect he’ll earn around £300,000 after the show.”

Jason Bell – ‘Over £300K’

As a former professional American football cornerback, who played in the National Football League (NFL) for a number of years, Jason Bell, 42, has built up a lot of fans in the US.

Jason Bell is a big star in the American footballing world

Jason previously dated Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle

He also became well known here in the UK however, thanks to his long-term relationship with Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle from 2008. The pair reportedly called time on their romance in September 2019.

Due to the fact he hasn’t built up the same career roots in the UK yet, compared to some of his co-stars, Jonathan says Jason’s potential earnings post-show may be lower than many.

Jonathan says: “Jason is going to have to go the whole way to make a big financial impact. I suspect he will make around £300,000 [off the back of Strictly ending].”

Jacqui Smith – ‘Over £300K’

Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, 57, has enjoyed a successful career in politics for years – but has recently branched out to TV too.

Jacqui Smith looked incredible in the professional photoshoot

Jacqui has been a prominent Labour politician for years

She has largely rebranded herself as a TV personality and broadcaster, appearing on a variety of current affairs talk shows including This Week and Question Time – as well as being a regular weekly commentator on Sky News’s Press Preview.

Jonathan says: “Jacqui will make money public speaking as she’s very clever and eminent.

“She can expect a few non-exec directorships and of course her ongoing broadcasting portfolio – but she’s not destined to earn big money as a celebrity. Say £300,000.”

He adds: “Everyone will have a boost with Strictly. They all look gorgeous week after week on BBC One.”

The Strictly stars are hard at work practising ahead of the first show, sticking stringently to Covid-19 rules, so it remains to be seen who will come out on top.