The Chase duo make off with £15,000 after The Beast trips up on tricky EastEnders question


THE Chase fans saw Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett toppled tonight by a series of tricky questions – including one about EastEnders.

The 55-year-old genius got tripped up on a question about which soap Karen Taylor appeared in, gifting £15,000 to his opponents.

The Chase’s Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett struggled to catch tonight’s contestants

Host Bradley Walsh asked: “Lorraine Taylor plays Karen Taylor in which TV soap?”

He replied: “Er, Emmerdale” sounding slightly unsure – but the presenter replied: “Stop the clock – that is wrong.”

Luckily, the players Liz and Steve also got it wrong, choosing Coronation Street.

However, Mark went on to get a string other questions wrong that the contestants managed to answer.

Liz and Steve ended up sharing £15,000 between them after an epic game

They included what the the Boardman Air 9.8 is (a bike) and which Sultanate is on the Arabian peninsular (Oman).

The led to Liz and Steve bagging the small fortune between them Mark failed to catch him in time.

Bradley said: “Beastie boy. The Beast, very upset he loses to the team. He needed two, they just nipped it in time to go home with £15,000.”

Mark told the pair: “Well played, good win.”