The Chase’s Bradley Walsh blasts Emmerdale star for VERY jammy tactic


Bradley Walsh lost all composure when he the told off Emmerdale soap star Louisa Clein for answering a question in the wrong way.

The host, was forced to intervene and tell off Emmerdale star Louisa Clein on the special Celebrity edition of The Chase.

Louisa was doing well in the competition, until Bradley asked her a question about how she selected one of her answers

Bradley told Emmerdale star Louisa Clein off

Comedy host, Bradley greeted four much-loved soap stars to the gameshow on Sunday night for a special celebrity edition of The Chase – a re-run episode.

Emmerdale stars Louisa Clein, Anthony Quinlan, Dominic Brunt and James Moore were the four celebrities competing on the show to win some cash for their chosen charities.

But it was clear Bradley wasn’t too impressed with Louisa who plays Maya Stepney on the ITV soap, Emmerdale.

The show kicked off with the actress picking an answer to one of Bradley’s questions, and trying to justifying her reason for picking it, but her technique was unusual and Bradley called her out for not playing by the rules.

Louisa was doing well in the competition, until Bradley asked her a question about how she selected one of her answers.

After being given the question: “How many elements were in the first periodic table drawn up in 1869?”

The answers presented were 43, 63 and 83.

Louisa was quick to answer, selecting answer B, which was 63.

Bradley then shouted how “easy” the question was, before asking Louisa: “Why did you pick that?”

A red-faced Louisa then replies sheepishly with: “Because it was in the middle.”

The comical host then slammed the soap star and said: “That’s not how it works.”

But, Louisa still ended up getting the question correct and then got through to the next round.

Thrilled, she exclaimed: “It worked!”

In which the cheeky host, responded: “Or on the other hand, sometimes it works, yes. Well done. That was well-played. Sometimes you have to take a guess.”

The show ended with the soap stars losing to the chaser, but still managing to walk away with £1000,000 each as they were playing for charity.

Bradley slammed Louisa for not playing by the rules after she said she just guessed the answer

Red faced Louisa was shocked when she got the answer right

The Chase airs on ITV on weekdays at 5pm.