The moment EastEnders actress Sam Womack gives driver the middle finger after clipping rear of his van


EASTENDERS star Sam Womack gives a middle-finger salute with both hands after clipping the rear of a van.

Catering firm driver Maamar Bentouati said she then drove away in her £80,000 Range Rover.

Sam Womack was spotted giving a middle-finger salute after clipping the rear of a van

The star is best known for playing Ronnie Mitchell on EastEnders until 2017

He followed her until she pulled over at a nearby theatre where she was starring in The Lion, The Witch And The Wardobe.

Maamar said as she climbed out and walked off she pointed at an advertising hoarding and said: “If you want my name, it’s on the board there.”

The bust-up came in a busy London street near the West End’s Gillian Lynne Theatre where Sam — Albert Square’s Ronnie Mitchell until 2017 — was playing the White Witch.

Father of two Maamar told HOAR: “This woman was waiting to turn right at traffic lights, but at the last second went straight on and hit the rear of my work van.

“I stopped in front of her and asked her for details, but she started yelling and saying she was late for work.

“She said she’d go mad if I didn’t move.”

Maamar started taking snaps — including the one showing her rude gesture.

He went on: “Finally she agreed to give me her details if I pulled aside. But as I did so she drove off.

“I called police as I was following her. Shortly afterwards she pulled up in a car park near the theatre. She was with a male friend and two dogs.”

Maamar, 51, of Finchley, North London, had to pay £100 for repairs as his boss did not want to pay the £250 insurance excess following the Christmas Eve shunt.

He is still chasing the cash after returning from a trip to see family in France and Algeria.

He said: “I did not recognise her at all.

“But just because she is rich and famous doesn’t mean she should try and drive off and leave me to pay the bill.”

Earlier this month Sam, 50, told HOAR planned to move to Valencia in Spain after an operation last year to remove a breast cancer tumour.

She and Coronation Street actor boyfriend Oliver Farnworth, also 50, have since shared a snap online of their bulging removal van.

Sam, who has two grown-up children from her previous relationship with Emmerdale star Mark Womack, is believed to have left for Spain.

Her agents were approached for comment.

Police said they were taking no action over the incident.

The driver said Sam drove away in her £80,000 Range Rover after clipping the van’s rear

Dad-of-two Maamar had to pay £100 for repairs