Tipping Point fans open-mouthed as contestant reveals role on Hollyoaks – but gets question about soap wrong


TIPPING Point fans have been left open-mouthed after a contestant revealed a role on Hollyoaks – before getting a question about the soap wrong.

Tuesday’s edition of the ITV quiz show saw Denise play alongside three other contestants to try and secure as many tokens from the machine as possible.

A Tipping Point contestant revealed a role on Hollyoaks – before getting a question about the soap wrong
Ben was surprised to hear about Denise’s extra work on the Channel 4 show

Denise revealed she was a TV extra and had appeared in a number of UK soaps.

So when she was asked: “The Dog in the Pond is a fictional pub in which British soap opera?” viewers could have been forgiven for assuming she would know the answer straightaway.

However Denise didn’t know the pub in question was part of Hollyoaks and instead chose Emmerdale incorrectly.

Despite the slip up, Denise made it through to the head to head and host Ben Shephard asked a bit more about her extra work.

He said: “You’re a TV extra Denise, is there anything I might have seen you in?”

Denise said she had been in Coronation Street, and Ben replied: “Oh really? Nice… you’ve never done Hollyoaks though? You didn’t know the pub in Hollyoaks.”

But Denise sheepishly said: “I’ve done it once, I have.”

As she laughed a stunned Ben said: “No you haven’t! Don’t tell me you were in the pub as well!”

Denise replied: “No I wasn’t, no. We didn’t do a pub scene so, I don’t really watch Hollyoaks but I was asked to go and do Hollyoaks, and I thought I don’t believe this.”

Ben joked: “That’s showbiz, that’s how it works!”

Denise said she hadn’t filmed in the soap’s pub so that’s why she didn’t know what it was called

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.