Tracy Barlow horrified at daughter Amy’s rape ordeal in Coronation Street – but will she take revenge?

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WEEKS after her rape ordeal, Amy Barlow is due to open up to her mother Tracy Barlow.

But could the Coronation Street florist, known for her vengeful disposition, react by lashing out against Aaron Sandford?

Tracy Barlow is known for her vengeful nature

Could she try to retaliate against Aaron Sandford after finding out he raped her daughter Amy?

The teen is struggling with her trauma

While she may be known to many in Weatherfield for her scheming, Tracy Barlow is not one to be messed with as she’s also capable of murder.

However, throughout the years, the long-standing Corrie resident played by Kate Ford has somewhat softened and focused all her attention on her daughter Amy.

The nineteen-year-old will need all the support she can get next week as she finally reveals she was raped.

The teen portrayed by Elle Mulvaney was taken advantage of by Aaron Sandford (James Craven) after a drunken evening.

But when she confronted the lad about his actions, he insisted they were both drunk and consensual before pleading with her to stay quiet and not say anything to his girlfriend Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby).

Although she’s trying to remain silent, Amy fails to keep her trauma completely under wraps as she’s getting ready to be one of Daisy Midgeley’s bridesmaids.

As she stands awkwardly in her dress, in scenes due to air on ITV, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) gives her a friendly squeeze and she flinches.

Her reaction doesn’t go unnoticed by Simon (Alex Bain) but when he tries to broach the subject, she snaps at him – just as her mother Tracy clocks the exchange.

The truth catches up with Aaron elsewhere in the cobbles when Summer reads a text on his phone which suggests to Amy they put things behind them.

Summer demands to know what’s going on and, stealing himself, Aaron admits they slept together the night of their big breakup.

However, Aaron assures Summer it was a one off and they both regret it – but she’s still devastated.

Summer confronts Amy who bursts into tears and assures her she’s got it all wrong.

But she only opens up to her mother Tracy about how Aaron raped her.

Tracy is horrified as Amy describes how she passed out drunk and Aaron sexually assaulted her.

Amy is urged by both Tracy and her father Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) to report Aaron to the police.

Could Aaron get arrested?

Will Tracy retaliate to avenge Amy?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

Summer finds out Aaron and Amy spent a night together

Could he be arrested?
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