What happened to Toyah Battersby in Coronation Street?

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SINCE reappearing in the cobbles in 2016, Toyah Battersby has endured heavy turmoil including becoming a widow.

The Coronation Street fan favourite is facing trial for Imran Habeeb’s death. Here’s what you need to know about her.

Toyah Battersby is portrayed by actress Georgia Taylor

She’s been involved in many dramatic storylines throughout her years in the cobbles

Who is Toyah Battersby in Coronation Street?

Toyah Battersby, played by Georgia Taylor, is the step-sister of Leanne Battersby and the daughter of Janice Battersby.

She’s also the step-daughter of Les Battersby – her biological father is called Ronnie Clegg.

After working as a counsellor at the Victoria Street Medical Centre, Toyah got a job as a sales clerk at the Underworld factory.

She used to live in Victoria Court with Leanne and Leanne’s kids, but has moved to 19a Victoria Street, owned by Ed Bailey.

She is the former landlady of the Rovers Return pub, which she co-owned with her ex-boyfriend Peter Barlow.

Toyah and Leanne were not liked by locals when they first arrived on the cobbles 21 years ago, but she’s worked hard to become a pillar of the community.

When she was a student, Toyah had a fling with her university tutor.

She left the cobbles when she discovered he’d been cheating on her with her flatmate Maria Sutherland – now Connor.

She married off-screen and left her husband Toby in 2016 for Peter Barlow.

Toyah was then romantically involved with local solicitor Imran Habeeb, despite some rocky beginnings which saw him juggling between her and her sister Leanne.

The couple were looking to expand their family by fostering children.

What have been Toyah Battersby’s biggest storylines?

Toyah has been lucky enough to be involved in some big storylines throughout her time on the cobbles.

When she was a teenager she ran away from home to find her biological dad but it turned nasty when another man – called Neil Flynn – pretended to be her dad and abducted her.

There was an hour long special on location in London where Les and Janice tried to find her.

In 2001, Toyah was raped by her friend Phil Simmonds in a dramatic storyline that became a whodunit.

It was the first time in Corrie’s 40-year history that it had tackled the subject of rape.

In 2016, Toyah was revealed to be Peter Barlow’s mystery woman and the pair had been having an affair behind the back of Toyah’s husband, Toby.

In 2018, Toyah and Eva Price decided to pretend that Eva’s unwanted baby was Toyah and Peter’s daughter in a controversial baby swap storyline.

Eva was pregnant by Aidan Connor and didn’t want to become a mother while Toyah lost the baby her surrogate was carrying for her and Peter.

The pair cooked up a scheme where they would hide Eva’s pregnancy and pass the baby off as the one the surrogate lost as Toyah didn’t tell Peter.

The plan came unstuck when Aidan took his own life and Eva and Toyah felt they should confess.

She then led a calmer life in the cobbles but this didn’t last long.

In 2021, and as mentioned above, Toyah and her husband Imran began fostering children, including wayward teen Kelly Neelan and a little girl named Elsie.

Imran defended her against many residents when she was accused of Seb Franklin’s murder.

When her defence feel through, he had a drunken one-night stand with Seb’s grieving mother Abi Franklin.

This resulted in his son Alfie’s surprise birth and they soon lost Elsie altogether.

Toyah and Imran had both been adamant on getting custody of Alfie although she was still willing to let Abi be a part of the baby’s life, unlike her other half.

When she found out Imran had lied in court about Abi’s relapse into drugs, Toyah believed her dream of a big and happy family was over.

The couple got into a horrific car crash as Imran prepared himself to face the consequences of his perjury.

While Imran succumbed to a heart attack after the crash, Toyah survived and has since been accused of purposely driving her vehicle into a wall, thus killing her husband out of anger.

In her struggle to cope, she’s received the support of Leanne and her former flame Spider Nugent, who recently returned to the cobbles.




But what’s next in store for her?

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